CoppaFeel! Knowing your boobs could save your life. Our mission is to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer by ensuring that people know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, know what their boobs look and feel like normally, check their boobs regularly throughout their lifetime and have the confidence to seek medical referral when they detect abnormalities.
Kicks Count
Kicks Count want to empower Mums with knowledge and confidence during their pregnancy. We want to raise awareness of the importance of baby's movements as an indicator of a baby's wellbeing and reduce the UK's current stillbirth rate which is 33rd out of 35 similar income countries. More babies die in the womb or in the first week of life than from cot death, meningitis and road deaths combined! Only 10% of these are caused by a fatal congenital abnormality so there is the potential to save 90% of these babies. A change in fetal movement can be an indicator the baby is struggling in the womb, so by encouraging more mums to contact their midwife if they notice a change in their baby's regular pattern, at risk babies can be identified and delivered before its too late.
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Having spent the last 4 years telling women to get to know whats normal and reporting any change with Kicks Count, the moment I found a lump in my breast I was at the Doctors within hours. 

The following diagnosis of Invasive Lobular Cancer emphasized how important it was I got that lump checked. The awareness raised by Coppafeel saw me seek prompt treatment. 

Coppafeel and Kicks Count have the same message for the same group of people; Women, get to know whats normal and report any change. 

Having been affected by stillbirth and now Breast Cancer I will be fundraising to help these two charities continue their work to raise awareness and instil confidence that if you notice any changes, report them immediately. 

I will be attempting to raise £17,914, £1 for every woman and baby who loses their life each year to Breast Cancer and Stillbirth 

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23.09.16 Thank you for your honesty, wit and courage. It's been an education as well as your personal journey and I'd like to thank you for that and really, really wish you well!

20.08.16 Wishing you all the very best with your fundraising and sending love and support.

08.08.16 You're an amazing woman xxx

13.07.16 You are so inspirational I love reading your blog. Keep fighting!!

26.06.16 You are a true inspiration, a real star! You have been in my thoughts, sending much love xx

24.06.16 Stonking. You're an amazing inspiration.

14.06.16 Thank you for dedicating your life to raise awareness and ultimately saving others.



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13.06.16 With Love and Admiration

25.05.16 You are amazing! Just about to start on breast cancer recovery myself xx

05.05.16 Good luck with your fundraising. You are a very brave woman x

29.04.16 Loving your blogs - on the breast cancer recovery path myself, just radiotherapy to get through next - hope you hit your target and start to feel better very soon X

25.04.16 You're truly amazing! I still remember it like yesterday when you and Sarah got Kathryn & I into Dancers! We were so scared of the buff sparkly men, but the laughs were priceless! You really deserve a superwoman cape with "Overcomer" written across it!

19.04.16 Sending big hugs and kisses x

19.04.16 All the luck in the world xx


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03.04.16 Amazing woman who is doing a fantastic job raising funds and awareness for 2 anazing causes!x


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