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bpas supports reproductive choice and health by advocating and providing high quality, affordable services to prevent or end unwanted pregnancies with contraception or by abortion. We also offer a range of other reproductive health services. bpas is Britain's largest single abortion provider and cares for over 55,000 women with unwanted pregnancies each year, as well as providing pregnancy testing, counselling, contraception, sterilisation, vasectomy and vasectomy reversal through our 40 consultation centres and 20 clinics located throughout the UK. In addition, bpas offers online STI testing, online treatment and advice for erectile dysfunction. Our service is respected for its quality of care and is delivered by highly trained staff that are sensitive, non judgemental and focused on the well-being of our clients. As a registered charity, respected in its field for the delivery of abortion and reproductive health services, bpas has a pool of knowledge that it seeks to distribute as broadly as possible. We undertake research, produce clear, authoritative publications based on best practice and publish useful guidance and leaflets for use in education and the health sector. The bpas Policy department works to inform policy makers, Parliamentarians and stakeholders across the UK and to advocate on issues around sexual health and abortion. We provide expert information, opinion and comment on unplanned pregnancy, abortion, contraception and emergency contraception, vasectomy, female sterilisation, some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the context in which sexual healthcare is provided.
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Boycott 40 Days for Life

James Ball

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The US anti-abortion group "40 Days for Life" has come to the UK and has been holding vigils outside abortion clinics in London, Birmingham, Brighton and elsewhere.

It has been accused of filming staff at abortion clinics and harrassing women attempting to use the clinics' services.

A member of staff at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), which runs several of the targeted clinics, described banners as "very aggressive".

The group has been picketing since the 22nd February and has vowed to continue until the 1st April. Its tactics mark an escalation of anti-abortion efforts in the UK, and a troubling shift to US-style tactics and intimidation of women.

No woman I know has taken the decision to have an abortion lightly, and the last thing needed in what is often a difficult situation is more stress and harrassment.

There are legitimate ways to campaign against abortion, but intimidating women outside clinics – deliberately or otherwise – is not one of them.

To begin counter-protests outside clinics is only likely to add to tension and stress, and legitimise clinics as a place for protest: so here is another way to oppose the "40 days for life" vigils - by making them raise money for the clinics they target.

Every penny donated through this page goes directly to BPAS, who offer counselling on family planning to thousands of women a year, and who are the UK's argest independent provider of abortion care - and are the operator of many of the clinics targeted by "40 Days".

Please, donate to BPAS for each day - or even each hour - the vigils continue.

Doing so makes each day the anti-abortion campaigners continue raise more money for pro-choice charities, and ensures their protests will not have the effect they desire. It also sends a message about where UK opinion really lies.

Today is the 24th day of the "40 days" protests. So if you can spare 50p per day, please donate £12. If you can spare more, donate £24, £48 or whatever you wish.

Crucially, please come back each day the protests continue and add a little more - and let those on the vigil know that each day they continue, their actions will only serve to raise more money for the clinics they are targeting and the services they seek to block. In other words, the protests will defeat themselves.

UPDATE 12:30 16/3

Ann Furedi, the chief executive of BPAS, has been in touch with a thank you message for everyone who's donated:

"I just want to say a really BIG thanks for your donation page. – and, of course to donors. The comments are just amazing. The whole thing has actually reduced some of us to reaching for tissues! I guess it’s a bit novel for people to be so spontaneously generous to us.  It sends a lovely message to all our staff. We are feeling the love!"

Note: this initiative is wholly independent of, BPAS. All money donated through Virginmoneygiving goes directly to the charity, minus a small share taken by Virginmoneygiving for processing. All those involved in putting this page together have done so in a personal capacity.

Recent donors


25.04.12 Abortion is a personal decision, not a legal debate!



19.04.12 I heard they're picketing BPAS in Brighton again today, so I am donating even though this is outside of their "40 days" window. Their extremism and hate for women needs to stop.

09.04.12 Great idea... not sure if the protests are still underway, but wanted to donate anyway. I was so angry when I heard about them. Carole

07.04.12 Keep up the good work. BPAS provides a valuable service. Let's not let women be pushed into back street abortions and Andrew Lansley should back off telling the Care Quality Commission to do spot checks

06.04.12 Adding to my previous donation because they stayed. Doubling my donation to £2 per day because they were there the full 40 days.



03.04.12 I just hope this helps. BPAS are doing a brilliant job. We mustn't let the situation return to how it was in the '60s.

03.04.12 Thank you BPAS for the good work you do.


03.04.12 Brilliant fundraising idea, and I wish BPAS all the very best. If my daughter ever needed your service I would hate to think she might have to run the gauntlet of the anti-choice fanatics.


03.04.12 You have my unconditional support at this difficult time


03.04.12 Thank you for the work you do. I hope I never need to call on the services currently being protested by the hideous 40 Days for Life campaign, but it's a great comfort to me that you're there just in case.


03.04.12 To support all women so they have the same choice I did. Keep up the good work.


02.04.12 Love this campaign :) All my support to everyone working at BPAS!


02.04.12 Probably the toughest decision in our lives. But at least we have the option to decide for ourselves. No one takes this decision lightly. No matter what the Pro-Life members likes to think.



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