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The Encephalitis Society is a UK based charity with worldwide links that aims to improve the quality of life of all people affected directly and indirectly by encephalitis. Encephalitis is an often life-threatening illness caused by infection, usually viral, or by autoimmune diseases affecting the brain. Survivors are left with an acquired brain injury, the degree and severity of which will vary. The resultant difficulties may include cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioural consequences. The Encephalitis Society provides support to adults and children affected, their families and carers; produces evidence based information on all aspects of the condition in printed, electronic, video and audio formats; raises awareness about the condition and its subsequent problems among professionals, statutory agencies and the general public; conducts research and works in partnership with other researchers and their establishments. If you want to find out more about our work please visit our website at or get in touch with us on 01653692583.
Access Sport CIO
Founded in 2004, Access Sport is a dynamic charity whose mission is to give children from the UK’s most disadvantaged communities access to a wide range of quality sport. We empower the inspirational volunteers who run local sports clubs with financial support, expert advice and networking. Our club development programmes, kick-started by Sports Jam festival days, bring lasting change to the areas that benefit most from sport’s unique power to transform lives through tackling health, crime, educational attainment and social mobility issues. Please visit to find out more
The Friends Of The Spafford Children's Center Of Jerusalem
The Spafford Children’s Center provides healthcare for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Center is not sponsored by any government or religious organisation. Most of our patients live in poverty and cannot afford to pay for the full cost of our services. They rely on charitable contributions from generous individuals and institutions. Lack of progress towards peace in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories aggravates the stress and trauma felt by families of the region. Innocent children, caught up in the conflict, experience violence and discrimination, as well as isolation from friends and family because of Israel’s Separation Wall and imposed travel restrictions between East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The children we care for are the link to a future where we hope for change, peace and opportunity for all.
Nepal Youth Foundation-uk (nyf-uk)
The Nepal Youth Foundation UK offers hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them what is every child’s birthright: vital healthcare, education and a safe environment.


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Kim's Brain wanders Bristol to Bath Marathon

Kim Ingleby

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Ahhh I did it..... up to mile 10 my concentration was huge.... to 20 was quieter on the roads and fine... then from 21 to 25 it got so noisy.... the concentration, use of my anchoring, hypno and belief plus these charities kept me going to the finish line.... thank YOU all so much... your donations mean't and mean a HUGE amount, Kim x x x 

Why do I want to walk/run from Bristol to Bath? 

I have not really worked this out, and as you will know, your WHY, your motivation is key with a challenge like this!! 

I think, I've done nearly all my long run's (so from that point of view I am ready).  Before I contracted Weils/Encephalitis I loved running. 

I still love wandering around (a lot), and I love running about 30mins on a good day.  Yet more than this presents numerous considerations that I never even contemplated before.  Things like.... cars moving, lights, sirens, noise, the noise of people's feet running next to me on the pavement (off road is so much easier) , wind/heavy rain, right side balance, awareness.... all of which 'annoy' the side kick, 'affectionally' termed Roland - Weily Enceph Head (my neurology).

This, unsurprisingly lends me to currently not love running for a longer distance! Add to this the usual marathon considerations.... my joints are achy from running when unbalanced, and I have just lost a couple of toe nails (well, they fell off before the Grand Finale! I must be ready?!) And the usual question... what time will you do... um, honestly, I will do my very best. This could be around 4.45/5 - cut off 7 hrs based on training & brains!  

Activbod kindly offered me a Sponsor Entry, no pressure, yet the entry 'sat' there. I quietly did the longer run/walk's and that leads me to 2 days (ha, now 1, sorry charities!!) before the event.... hmm.  

And I am honestly scared.  Scared I will mess my brain/neurology up, scared I will affect my healing, scared all the stimulus will cause a problem for me (and therefore others).  Yet, EVERYONE is scared of something, there's always something and I don't want my fear to be my decision to not complete this.  

I have worked out the sensible plans, I know it is possible and I have every awareness of when to stop, or not even start....!

These quotes popped up, ' Do the one thing that scares you most'  & as Snoopy says, ' Everyone will die one day. But whilst you are alive, live each day to it's fullest!'. They quietly resonated.

So WHY do I want to do it? I'm thinking of it as a ADVENTURE from Bristol where I have lived for the last 10 years surrounded by great clients & friends to Bath, where my two of my best friends, Eve & Sam live, who have been the most wonderful support.

And to raise some money for some wonderful charities, hit our Energised target of £40,000 for charity (we are so nearly there.... £493 to go!! My wonderful partner John suggest £42k for 42k, ahh the joker!! So that's £2493.... who know's I leave it to you all).  And with every step I take, every mile tick... to do a starjump & feel gratitude for possibilities and opportunities...

To show that whilst anything is not always possible (busy parties, noisy environments, gigs, not planning and being spontaneous.. for me!)  something always is. You may just need to shift your expectations and adapt your plan.

I really want to raise awareness & funds for the Encephalitis Society (70%), the support and information they have provided has helped me to feel like I am not actually going crazy, feeling like a fraud & doubting what's real, not trusting myself (ha, classic example here!!) and giving me the courage to live in the moment, to have confidence in myself and to rest when I need. To know this is okay.  Aliki Chrysochou & Simon Hattenstone especially have given me great courage, along with Doc Brett, they don't realise but THANK YOU. 

I am a million percent more 'lucky' than many, and I can tell you that my 'full good days are filled with such a huge sense of gratitude and joy for just being and feeling good ( I do need to learn how to then not leap with joy and set of on my millions of ideas!!)

I wanted to give a little back to these small charities doing very special things for children around the World. These children know adversity yet sparkle bright.  

£2 donation allows Access Sport (10%) to teach a disabled or underprivalged child to ride a bike in the UK, Bristol is one of their locations.  

£45 allows an Orphan at the Spafford Childrens Centre (10%) in Jerusalem to have full medical tests and a year or music and dance 

£265 funds a tent in Nepal (10%) for 4 with mattresses and covers following the earth quake. 

So whatever you feel you would like to donate, I will feel hugely grateful to you, and each step I take will be in courage and confidence, gratitude, trust and thanks :-) 

If I run 10km, a Half Marathon or the Full distance your pennies will be so valuably received... and if my brain is not having a 'good' day I promise I will walk/jog the distance the weekend of 7th or 14th of November instead, you have my word. 

I leave you with this thought.... 

I met a 95yr old lady, Pat today (an Energised Client Jan, suggested I meet her to fine tune my TEDx talk later in November - thank you Jan!), what a honour.  I left there with these three learnings from her wisdom... 

- Immerse yourself fully in what you are doing, be completely present 

- Let go of self doubts, limits. Don't give yourself the opportunity to entertain them, it never helps you get anywhere. 

- Be mischievous, light hearted, keep a sparkle in your eye, however tough things are. 

My Dad & his Mum, my Granny always say/said 'your way will open up...' 

I take all these thoughts with me on Sunday, 

With huge thanks & courage to you all to change one thing for YOU if you choose to make a donation, give and give to you.  Big super powers,  Kim xx

Ps. If you are supporting on the course, for me... it's a silent dance of support please ;-)!! And if I don't do it, I will confirm the day I do complete by the end of November, you have my word x  

PPS. THANK YOU to anyone who takes a moment to read this, share it and/or support, you are totally brilliant. THANK YOU. 

If you would like to read more, check out these blogs:

And if you like TEDx Talks, I am speaking in Bristol on 11th November at 12 noon - Overcoming Adversity & How to Be Brave Again...  I would LOVE you to be there if it's your thing :-) 

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13.11.15 Big thank you to the Encephalitis Society from me & to our coins in our donation money pot x x

28.10.15 Kim. How awesome! You must feel so great after achieving this. I'm so proud of you.

28.10.15 Well done Kim - really impressed with you!

28.10.15 Inspiring as ever, Go Kim! (will be matched by Microsoft)

28.10.15 What an amazing woman. All the best with the challenge Kimmy. Xxx

28.10.15 Congratulations Kim, great work x

28.10.15 Lots of love Jenny XXX

28.10.15 Well done Kim!

27.10.15 A small contribution to help reach the £300 mark. Congratulations, Kim, on your marathon success!

27.10.15 Go girl!!!! Be Daring & Mighty!!

26.10.15 Well done Kim, you ran an amazing and brave marathon yesterday! Inspirational xx

26.10.15 Awesome job, well done, so proud! Love you!

26.10.15 Your commitment and enthusiasm is, as always, amazing. Best wishes :-)

25.10.15 Good job super Kim!! Xx

25.10.15 Well done Kim. Brave and loving life. x

24.10.15 xxxxxoooooxxxxx

24.10.15 Go carefully Kim.

24.10.15 You mad, wonderful cousin! X

24.10.15 Good luck Kimmy - your positivity and motivation is inspiring. Xx

24.10.15 You are an inspiration.

24.10.15 A very quiet "Go Kim, go"


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