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Street Child believes that that every child deserves the right to live in a safe, secure home and the chance to receive a quality education. Starting in Sierra Leone, ranked in 2008 by the UN as the world’s least developed country, we strive to see every child enjoying these two basic rights. Street Child’s principal programmes are: 1) a street based programme supporting children off the street and into family and school; 2) an education development programme specialising in building schools and training teachers in remote rural areas bereft of educational facilities. All of Street Child’s programmes are delivered with local implementing partners. Together we helped over 2000 children off the street and over 10,000 children into school in Sierra Leone from 2008-2012.


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Empower.. Fit Factor to Sierra Leone Marathon

Kim Ingleby

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The challenges are done....  do keep sponsoring and let's hit that target , thank you x You can read all about it on the blog

One Stage, One Marathon... One School... #Kimpossible?

Can we raise enough to build a school for Street Kids?  That's my challenge... find out more below and any donation you give is truly appreciated. Big Thank you in advance.... 

Never has it taken me such a long time to write something or publically commit to a challenge.  Those of you who know me & Energised Performance know how important giving back is to our values, and how completing crazy challenges is part of identity!

Yet... On 25th May 2014 it will be one year since I got the Weily 'Roland' Rat Virus mixed with some crazy brain and body attacks (my friendly terms), which I am still learning to manage.

Never has my life been turned upside down quite so much, in so many ways... I have learned so much, been challenged massively, doubted myself, lost my confidence and questioned my ability & identity, said weird things.... yet, above all this, a year on, I have become a wiser, happier person, and most definitely a more knowledgeable, better Coach.

I have learned the importance of true balance, and being in the moment, I have learned to truly know that being not ok, is okay. When you lose your mind, your persepctive changes.

I have met some amazing new people, and my circle of support has been something I am truly grateful for, I have had some wonderful times and exciting opportunities have come into my life. 

Previously, commiting to a challenge like this would have been 'easy', yet with how my body and mind currently is, it has been a massive decision, which even as I write I don't know if it is a sensible or possible decision. 

On 17th/18th May I will compete at Fit Factor at Body Power in Brimingham.  This is a huge Fitness Modelling Competition.  I will then fly to Sierra Leone to work with the Street Kids, and run the Marathon on Sun 25th May. Opposing goals and neither fit with my condition.  Practise what I teach... be sensible.. so why? 

Because.... Fit Factor, I wanted to look after my body and mind well by eating really healthy foods, and weights training seems to suit my neurology better than the things I used to love.  That becuase my losing my mind and having these 'crazy' attacks I have lost some of the courage I used to have, and standing on stage (even before), will be a massive achievement in itself, the lights, the noise, the environment will require every inch of  my mental skill & focus to remain stable.  Yet, with amazing coaching and support from so many people, including Renee, Kirk Miller, Alina & James Alexander I will aim to rock that stage... 

From this, to Sierra Leone... so far we have raised over £35,000 for charity and it is my aim to hit £40k in our 10th Year for charity.  I want to show anyone that whatever your goal, whatever your dream, you can do it, with a little courage and confidence.  

I want to go and help others, to make a difference and draw a line under mr Roland Rat, perhaps leave him somewhere on the marathon in Sierra Leone!! I have only run once a week as it tends to provoke the symptoms, but I have done several 18miles, and a 21 mile.. so I feel ready, yet I am not really designed for heat... so it will be a steady, walk/jog to the finish line. 

Only one or two people have really seen the full extent of the attacks I have, I am sure not a pleasent experience to be with. One person in particular has been my constant recently and I have big emotions of gratitude as I write this, he knows who he is. To everyone else, whilst I may be a bit vacant, or say some weird things at times, I look pretty well due to some great nutrition and training! 

I know Fit Factor to Sierra Leone will put this into persepctive my 'moments'.  I am super apprehensive yet... I want to make a difference, I want to support Street Kids, raise funds to build those schools & make a difference. I want to find all of me, together again too ;-)! 

Makeni is a remote village in the middle of the country, Street Child is an amazing charity which helps the most vulnerable children. I, along with the Team will be working with the kids for a few days before running the marathon.  I know just how humbling and inspiring this will be.  

Your donation will help in these ways: 

£1-40 just goes to the overall support and makes  a difference 

£40 send a child to school for a year 

£100 starts a business that supports a child and their family for the year 

£2,250 builds a semi permenant school in a rural village 

The Charity is supported by Nick Hewer (from The Apprentice), with quotes and support from Ben Fogle, Ryan Giggs & Ranulph Fiennes.  

I have been lucky to have been chosen as part of the Air Gambia Team of 10, to raise as much as we can too, so I will be flying out with them from Gatwick on 21st and back on 28th May. Thank you Team.  

So all that leaves me to say is ... thank you, thank you all for reading this, and any amount you can donate is amazing, and hugely appreciated. 

I will aim to rock the stage at Fit Factor with confidence and courage, and then re fuel, rest and recharge before heading to Sierra Leone to go and learn and be inspired with the Street Kids, and cross that finish line of the marathon!  

I really look forward to sharing my experiences with you all in June,

With lots of thanks and powers of gratefulness for all your support in advance, you all rock, you know that....

Kim (affectionately known as #Kimpossible by her clients) xx

ps. The Aim is £2,250 which an 'Energised' school - how amazing would that be... and it would mean we would nearly hit our £40k target of fundraising in 10 years.... I have one mini goal to finish this on 9th Aug in UK if I am okay.. but that's for another time to share :-) 

Tweet me @kimingleby @energisedcoach your advice too!  

pps. Ahead of you sponsoring and/or just supporting me.... can I thank YOU in advance... I will aim to reply to you all before, but if I don't, rest assured every penny makes a huge difference and will give me the courage to be brave and do this! You all rock and I am exceptionally grateful.... #empower others to be their best xx

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30.05.14 Good running Kim! Sounds like you enjoyed africa...!

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