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FONSA is a Charitable Trust created to help the people of Nablus and surrounding areas who are suffering the effects of occupation. Nablus is the most important city in the West Bank and was the cultural and commercial capital of Palestine. Businesses and education have been severely affected. With high unemployment and endemic poverty, many families cannot afford education for their children. Nablus is home to An Najah National University which is the largest university in the West Bank and has other education centres. We support students, projects and developments which can help the people of Nablus to build on their thirst for education and develop their livelihoods.

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FONSA - 10,000 trees for Nablus

Mike Whitehead

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FONSA is planting olive trees in vulnerable villages around Nablus. 

Thanks to your donations we have already planted over 5,000 trees in 27 villages.


These trees make a substantial contribution to family income and sustainability. Olives are a traditional crop in Palestine and an important symbol of peace and hope.

Olive harvesting in October is a family time when everyone helps to gather the harvest which is then pressed or preserved.


Farmers who can afford it are asked to make a small contribution; this means that even more trees are planted and it becomes a shared project.  We want the farmers to ensure they receive trees of good quality which they will look after despite the many difficulties they face. 

Trees are planted during the wet season (October-March) but still need watering and protection from animals while they are small and vulnerable.


The picture shows a FONSA olive tree ready for planting in the village of Qusin which is west of Nablus. It is bordered by the illegal Qedumim settlement.  For 7 years Qusin was cut off from Nablus by Israeli roadblocks.

Additional note:

Through Virgin Money Giving, your donation will be quickly processed and passed to FONSA. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on our behalf if you are eligible and confirm your agreemenet. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for your donations.

Recent donors

15.02.17 Another donation from the Aliferis family in memory of Peter. Thank you for continuing to plant trees around Nablus.

20.01.16 Another donation in memory of Peter Aliferis. Please keep planting more olive trees.

18.01.16 Please use for whichever trees are most needed!


10.07.15 Donation of 10 trees in the name of my wife

09.07.15 i am leaving a donation of £200 for planting Olive trees in Nablus.

08.07.15 sadaqah 7 olive trees

10.04.15 Tim, we hope you are smiling to the angels as you always did to us

16.02.15 This donation for olive trees has been made by his family in memory of Peter Aliferis.

31.03.14 Sadaqa Jaria for my 4 grandparents and my dad may they rest in peace. Sadaqa Jaria for my mum and me. 7 olive trees and 1 fruit tree please. Jazakallah khair

19.01.14 This donation, from his family, is in memory of Peter Aliferis.


13.12.13 Please plant which ever trees are most needed


23.06.13 Standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people

20.06.13 This donation for olive trees is in memory of our dear friends, Marie and Ernie Norris.


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