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Globalteer is an international Charity delivering development and support to those living in extreme poverty. Globalteer works closely with local projects and communities around the world with the aim to alleviate poverty and environmental degradation. The main focus is through education, health care, nutrition, income generation and conservation.

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Helping Hands Cambodia's fundraising page

Helping Hands

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This is Helping Hands Cambodia's official fundraising page.

Helping Hands Cambodia is not about giving charity. At Helping Hands, our aim is to give people a hand up, not a ‘hand out’, as this can cause people to become reliant on aid. We want to enable the Cambodian people to help themselves. Our aim is to build up the pride and dignity of individuals, family units and the village community as a whole.
Helping Hands was founded by Australian photographer Deborah Groves. The organisation started out helping one small village approximately 25 kms from Siem Reap. In recent years, Helping Hands has built two bridges, helped build roads, provided almost 1000 bicycles via a "work for a bike" programme, and helped people get medical care. 

Today, Helping Hands operates a school for more than 300 students, teaching Khmer, English, Health&Hygiene and Life Skills, provides breakfast for 100 children 5 days a week, provides First-Aid on site, family support and supports young adults in their university studies.

Currently, Helping Hands has been running for 10 years and just after reaching this amazing milestone, we are at the start of a very new adventure: building a new school! 

To be able to give our students their best opportunity at brighter future through education, school expansion is necessary. More classrooms would mmean more space for smaller classes, more teachers and an increase of lerning hours - all things that will optimize our students learning and the quality of teaching. 
With this new adventure on our doorstep, we need to raise more money than ever to be able to give our students and their families their best shot at a prosperous future in rural Cambodia.

If you would like to find out more about the work of Helping Hands Cambodia, please visit our website:

Recent donors

23.12.16 A little something for the new classrooms from my colleagues and I.

05.10.16 A small donation to help you all celebrate the 10th anniversary!!

26.02.16 Fantastic work

16.02.15 "Education is the movement from darkness to light." Enjoy the solar lights :)

20.01.15 Keep up the good work Lisa!


11.11.14 Lisa - good luck with the run!

29.10.14 Go team Teacherhorizons!


21.10.14 Hi Lisa. Principally for exps. re those eye health cases; but also for whatever else - your call.

09.09.14 For Ecole de Patisserie sponsorship :-)


29.06.14 Been there in May and had a wonderful time. I like the idea to provide a helping hand. Thank you for your hard work. Smiling children for a better future!!! :-)

03.06.14 Sponsorship for the children to take part in the Globalteer games. Good luck!

01.06.14 Thank you so much for the work you do. I was inspired to research how to help the poverty situation in Cambodia by today's news story on the 7 people who died in the well trying to retrieve about 75 cents. I hope this helps and that many more donate.


27.04.14 It is great to see the progress being made. I would particularly like my donation to go to the breakfast programme as this is so crucial to children and supports development and education. Keep up the great work! :))





07.03.14 Happy School. :-)


28.02.14 Good luck with the bag project!



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