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Helping Japan Earthquake Bu-Brothers

Tai Kirby, Joh Kirby

My page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/joh.tai.japaneseearthqu

Hi.  We're the bu-brothers.  We're Tai and Joh Kirby and we are both year 7 and year 4.  We are half Japanese half Candian.  We are raising money for the Japanese earthquake that has recently occured.  Many lives and homes were destroyed and we think money is needed so we want to achieve something out of this and help Japan and the people that live there as well.  We are young, but it doesn't mean we can't make a difference.  Every little penny counts.  We will be running for 303km which is the distance betweeen Tokyo and Sendai, which Sendai has been destroyed.  We need your help.

It says that our target is 606 pounds (1 pound per kilometer x2) but we would like to raise as much money as we can to help.  Thank you.

So far, We have ran...


Tai Kirby: 303 km  I made it!!!!!

Joh Kirby: 124 km Great Job!!!


August 30, 2011


...And remember, You can always donate again after you've donated.  Also Special thanks to


-Daniel Herrera for...running with me

-Jessey Read for...Running with me and carrying my bags while I run

-Aisha Strutt for...Carrying my bags

-Mr. Torino for...Driving my bags

-Our Mom for...Cheering us on and picking up my bags

Senai For also carrying my bags

-and to anyone who donated...


Thank you!!!

Recent donors

10.09.11 Congradulations well done!

06.09.11 Congrats on making the 303 km! It is very inspiring.

02.09.11 This is a very important and worthwhile cause and we are very proud of you both for doing something to make a difference.

31.08.11 Great Job guys. It is very impressive that you ran all that way. We are very proud of you.

08.07.11 Nice work Tai & Joh!!

05.07.11 Go Bu-brothers!!

04.06.11 Joh-Bu!Sorry to fulfil this promise so late. You and Tai are very inspirational and have learned the importance of giving early. Hugs!

16.05.11 yah! Tai boo over 100km, Joe boo over 50km!

10.05.11 Good luck, Tai and Joh!

28.04.11 good luck from Philomena

28.04.11 Tai-kun, Joh-kun, gammbare!

26.04.11 good luck!

24.04.11 Nihon no tameni hashittekurete arigatou. Kuruma ni kiwotsukete, korekaramo ganbatte kudasai.

22.04.11 Ganbatte!

21.04.11 Hi Nae-san, Joh-kun, Tai-kun, what a great and unique project! We would like to support your efforts. GANBATTE!!

20.04.11 Nae-san, Tai and Joh, what a wonderful challenge! We would like to support your project and pray for japan as well.

16.04.11 Sorry it took us long to do this, but here we are to support your heartful run!! We are so lucky to know someone like you are always thinking about our home country. Thank you so much!!

16.04.11 You are the star! Excellent work. I am so inspired by you.

15.04.11 Good luck in your fundraising. I am so happy to be able to contribute!

15.04.11 hi, we just want to say that we are very proud of our friends and what you are doing for the earthquake. we are happy to support you.

14.04.11 Hi, Nae, Tai and Joh! You guys are great to come up with this idea! I'm so impressed and you are so cute in this picture! I'm happy to donate through this web but sorry that Canadian dollar is not much as England pond. I'm a little bit disappointed*_*

14.04.11 Tai-kun, Joh-kun,konnichiha. Vancouver ni iru Keiko desu. Joy club de Tai-kun to Joh-kun ni aukotoga dekitakoto tottemo ureshikattadesu. Soshite Nihon no tameni jibuntachide ganbatteirukotowo shitte, kangekishimashita. May God bless you richly !!


13.04.11 Ganbare!

13.04.11 We are very proud of you! So wonderful that you care enough to do this awesome thing. Enjoy the run! l j&g


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