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Encephalitis Society
The Encephalitis Society is a UK based charity with worldwide links that aims to improve the quality of life of all people affected directly and indirectly by encephalitis. Encephalitis is an often life-threatening illness caused by infection, usually viral, or by autoimmune diseases affecting the brain. Survivors are left with an acquired brain injury, the degree and severity of which will vary. The resultant difficulties may include cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioural consequences. The Encephalitis Society provides support to adults and children affected, their families and carers; produces evidence based information on all aspects of the condition in printed, electronic, video and audio formats; raises awareness about the condition and its subsequent problems among professionals, statutory agencies and the general public; conducts research and works in partnership with other researchers and their establishments. If you want to find out more about our work please visit our website at or get in touch with us on 01653692583.
Hounds for Heroes
The purpose of "Hounds for Heroes" is to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Civilian Emergency Services.
Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre
Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre aims to give children and young people to opportunity to learn to ride and to care for horses. The majority of the children have special or additional needs and would otherwise not be able to experience the wonderful joy of horses. We have a beautiful Centre in West London including stabling for sixteen horses and ponies and a lovely indoor riding arena. The Pony Centre relies on a great team of volunteers who work to maintain the centre. We depend on fundraising to bring in our much needed income. Donors are welcome to make a time to visit us.
Strathcarron Hospice
Strathcarron Hospice provides palliative care throughout Forth Valley, Cumbernauld & Kilsyth. We provide vital care and support to our patients and families at a time when they need it most. Our services are free to everyone and we need to raise £65,000 each week
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Kim's Super Powers for Stirling Marathon

Kim Ingleby

My page:

Thank you SO much for visiting my little fundraising page..... I wanted to post this earlier in the week, but I have been knocked out by a encephalitis phase in my healing.... so I'm posting it last minute.  I have to be honest that if you donate, I will do my best to get to Stirling, and to start and then finish, but looking after my brain is first :-)   My training conversly has been the best so far, so perhaps this is just a bit of taperitis!!

I decided every year for 5 years around the time I contracted Weils disease in 2013 and post viral encephalitis I would do something to raise money, and to celebrate the fact I can still go and do.  

Stirling is my home town, yet the crowds and noise are not in my favour, and it affects my neurology so this is what will truly challenge me, especially after this week.  

Yet, two very good people, Kevin and Susan who I have know most of my life are running their first marathon at Stirling.  In memory of their wonderful, wise kind, hard working parents, Willie and Mary who played a fundamental role in my life, supporting and giving me huge confidence and happiness on the farm whilst growing up.  So the combination has led me agreeing to commit to doing my best this weekend. 

Yet, as we all know, the best laid plans, don't always work... so with a little (well a lot!) of patience, re arranged flights I am heading up way later than planned and decided I must pop my page up for them, and for the training I've done..... 

I have chosen 4 little, special charities to run (well now walk I think...!) and here's why, I hope you love them. 

Strathcarron Hospice - a wonderful place that cares for people in the last stages or their lives, and supports their families so well in the central area of Scotland. One of Stirling's main charities and one of the couple I am supporting's chosen charities, so if you are Stewart friend, this is for them with my heart felt love and support always xx xx 

Hounds for Heroes - a little charity doing great things for injured service men and women with hounds.  For all I have gained and value with my super rescue Hound of Happiness Jake, I think this is truly an amazing charitiy making a big difference.  One of my good friend's Simon is in the SAS and he has seen first hand the diffference these hounds make.  I think they should all have a copy of our little book with thier Hound too! I also think hounds offer great comfort and care to many people when times are tough, so it's for anyone really who benefits from having a hound of happiness in their life. 

Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre - a tiny lttle place in the centre of London doing great things for children in disadvantaged, underprivilaged or turbulent backgrounds, and for riding for the disabled.  Offfering an outlet and lifeline through the power of horses in the city.  The work they do is truly life changing for these children. I've chosen this for whilst it's in London, the couple I am running for and their parents had a huge love of horses, a passion and huge talent which I learned a great deal from.  The ability to give horses and humans a chance is something they stand by always, so I hope and believe this is a little charity making a difference, which i hope they would love, even though it's not in Scottie Land. 

The Encephalitis Society - for 5 years from 2013 I said I would do something and i didn't know if I would run for them this year or perhaps support Heads Together as I love what they are doing too. Yet I wanted to keep it small and supportive of little charities... and then after the week I've had, they had to be in my 4.  I rarely have such a 'death' into 'healing' day or week now as I'm good at managing things, but somehow I got this week wrong.... I don't use the society directily very often, probably my stubborness but I find the greatest comfort and 'sense making' from all their information on their website.  I've read it countless times and I find it reassuring when I'm in a phase that's really challenging.  I'm lucky with the tools and knowledge I have, yet many others are really stuck and this society does some amazing work to empower and support families and individuals from all backgrounds.  I am working with a few people healing, and it's the most humbling, challenging and rewarding experience to be able to share and give back in my work.  And their mascot is a giraffe, so as we are starting at the Safari Park, it kind of seems fitting to include them! 

So that's my little ramble, over the years everyone's kind donations and support has led to a total of £80,000 for many charities over the years, this is truly wonderful and I cannot thank you enough, 

If you would like to donate or just share and raise awareness of these little charities doing great big things, that would be so wonderful , 

And on Sunday, I'm Number 6570 and will need all your calming powers for the double lap in the city from 17-26 miles where there are lots of bands and music. I have my noise cancelling headphones and can only hope they, and the power of my mind, heart and soul is strong to the end..... :-)  

Above all, I send my extra special powers and support to Kevin and Susan completing their first marathon. I am super proud of them, and with them every step of the way, 

Big big thanks and star jumps of strength to you all, 

Kim xx 

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24.06.17 to buy a copy of Hound of Happiness - 52 Tips to Feel Good Book from Amazon, and visit out Alex Monroe Jewelry xx

31.05.17 Well done with Wool Sack Championships too! xxx

23.05.17 The biggest, biggest well done Kevin and Susan, SO Proud of you both, amazing achievement -) Really brilliant and the biggest support and care always Kim xx

23.05.17 Well done Super Kim!!!!

22.05.17 Huge congrats Kim Kevin Susan , brilliant charities too you all xxx

22.05.17 Well done from x

22.05.17 Good luck

21.05.17 I could never imagine a more amazing person in my life than Kim. She helped me so much through a difficult patch and showed me the path to follow, as she has done for so many others in her career. No one could think more highly of her than I do.


20.05.17 Wishing you all the luck and sending super powers xx

20.05.17 Good luck to you all, I know you's can do it and granny and grumpa would be so proud of you's!! X

20.05.17 With you all the way tomorrow xx

20.05.17 Good luck Kim x

19.05.17 Good luck. You can do it. Positive thoughts all the way

19.05.17 Go Kim go! You are amazing! x

19.05.17 Wishing you well this weekend Kim. Such a brave beautiful lady, truly inspiring! xxx

19.05.17 Good luck and positive thoughts xx


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