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The Lotus Children's Centre Charitable Trust
The Lotus Children's Centre Charitable Trust is dedicated to providing care, accommodation support and education to orphaned, abused, and abandoned children in Mongolia. The Lotus Children's Centre was set up in 1993 by Australian Didi Kalika, who started simply by giving food and basic medical care to children living on the streeets of Ulaanbaatar. She soon realised that more was needed, and with the help of friends built a small home for the children in the ger district of Yarmag, on the outskirts of the capital. Harsh economic conditions in Mongolia resulted in more babies and children being abandoned, and the project grew. In 1997 Didi founded a kindergarten, and this was then followed by The Lotus Primary School. Since then Lotus has cared for and educated up to 150 children at any one time, in small family units each looked after by a housemother. As the children have grown up there has been an increasing emphasis on vocational training programmes to prepare them for adulthood. Lotus also runs a Guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar staffed almost exclusively by ex-Lotus children, which not only provides employment as the older children leave school, but also generates profits which contribute towards the running costs of the Centre. In 2009 Didi Kalika was awarded the Order of Australia for her services to the street children of Mongolia.
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Lemur Attack Force - Mongol Rally 2012

Lemur Attack Force

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What: the Mongol Rally 2012

Who: aimee and Finn, of New Zealand.  Otherwise known as Lemur Attack Force.

Why: To raise money for charities both in NZ and Mongolia. In NZ – we’re donating to Women’s Refuge, the SPCA and the Canterbury  Earthquake Appeal.  In Mongolia, it’s the Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust.

Also because we have a weak survivial instinct, and impulse control issues. 

The Rally

The Mongol Rally starts in London (the capital of the UK) and ends in Ulan Bator (the capital of Mongolia).  It's some 10,000 miles - 16,000 km - or, as some like to point out, a third of the earth's surface.  Which is _lots_.

It's not a race - some teams do it in three weeks, some do it in several months, depending on their luck, their car, and their plans for the trip.  Some continue travelling through Asia afterwards :)  The one thing most teams - about 200 each year -  have in common is that the race requires that cars are 'generally considered crap'.  Less than a decade old, but no more powerful than 1/2 l.  Of course, the race organisers being sensible people, these rules can be relaxed in two ways:

  • one can be driving a public service vehicle which the Mongolian govt would find useful, such as an ambulance, taxi or firetruck.
  • one can pay the organisers a little more money (which proceeds go to charity) to upgrade one's allowable stats.

Some mad people also do it on motorcycles...


aimee's the founder/host of nerdnite Wellington - the only Southern Hemisphere chapter of this global phenomenon - as well as co-founder of Sciblogs, Retake the Net and NZSEED.  She blogs for Sciblogs, and co-founded (although no longer works on) started what may be NZ's first general science podcast - TOSP - with one of the other bloggers, Elf Eldridge.

She's driven through desert flash floods with water levels into her engine block, and been chased by crazed truckers through the Gaza province of Mozambique.  She's also survived Johannesburg (difficult), London (less difficult) and WWOOFing through various parts of New Zealand (actually quite pleasant).

And that's only a taster.  She has things like a day job and other involvements :)


As for Dane 'Finn' Foster describes himself thusly:

"I'm an ex-rally freak, motorcycle fiend, and engineer extraordinaire :) My day job is as a sysadmin, and he was recently responsible for building cbdfree.  My night job? Mad scientist."

He doesn't talk as much as aimee does, but he's arguably far more useful at things :)  Further information about him:

  • he has a penchant for growing amazing facial hair
  • he once owned one of the legendary Honda NC35 Race Replica Bikes and still mourns the day it went away (it was his favouritest bike ever of all the ones he's owned/owns). Currently, he has things like a Ducati, of which he's very fond

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