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Guide Dogs
The ability to get around is vital in order to live a full life yet thousands of blind and partially sighted people never leave home alone. Guide Dogs empowers visually impaired people to do that and relies totally on the support of the public to fund the guide dog service. We breed and train guide dogs which provide life changing mobility and there are currently 4,500 working guide dog partnerships in the UK. The full lifetime cost of a guide dog from birth to retirement is £48,500. We will not rest until blind and partially sighted people can enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.
Medical Detection Dogs
Our aim is to save lives and improve health and quality of life by specialist training of dogs and other animals, in a manner that is pleasing to them, to use their sense of smell to detect, identify and warn of disease, and health damaging or life threatening conditions. Diabetes is now a widespread health problem in the UK. Fortunately most sufferers can self control their condition but some type 1 sufferers cannot. They have an aggressive form of diabetes that generates dangerously high and low blood sugar levels both frequently and without warning. Dangerously low blood sugar (a hypo) requires the calling of paramedics and often hospitalisation; it can lead to death. High blood sugar leads to horrific health complications in later life, such as loss of limbs and failure of heart, kidney and sight. The diabetes of these sufferers dominates their lives and those of their families. They live in fear, cannot live normally, and are at a loss as to what to do. Doctors cannot help them but fortunately we can. We provide qualified assistance dogs (similar to Guide Dogs) that stay with them at all times and can give advance warning of highs and lows, enabling preventative medication to be taken. The effect is life changing. Take Rebecca who was previously having frequent hypos in class but can now with MDD dog Shirley study normally, much to the delight of her Head teacher. We need your help to place more assistance dogs with these desperate clients. We also train assistance dogs for those with other life threatening conditions such as Addison's disease, pain seizure, narcolepsy, and severe allergies. Finally we train dogs to detect by smell the presence of cancer in human urine. This is research with the object of providing information to scientists to enable them to develop an electronic nose that can be used for early diagnosis by GPs. We currently wish to commence a prostate cancer study. We are totally reliant on donations. Please help us.
Cats Protection
Cats Protection is the UK's largest cat welfare charity. We help more than 230,000 cats and kittens every year through our network of over 250 volunteer-run branches, 29 adoption centres and our homing centre. Our vision is to ensure that every cat is given the chance of a life where it will be treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.


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Le Tour de Fran

Francisco Gomez

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Hi, thanks for visiting my page.

I'd like to draw your attention to these fantastic animal charities. Their work is not only to help animals, but also to help people. They have a very important role in today's society. Unfortunately, no government funds are allocated to them, so they rely on donations.

I'll be cycling 1000km over the next few months to give voice to this message. Please DONATE what you can, even if it is very little, it will still make a huge difference!

Visit my blog on to see how the challenge progresses or click on letourdefran-blog to understand why I'm doing this. And feel free to ride some K's with me if you want to help!

I work closely with Cats Protection Nottingham Adoption Centre, their work is invaluable to give cats a new home. Not only they look after, treat, vaccinate and chip cats so they're ready to find their new 'forever home'. But they also have an important role in providing a space for when, for personal circumstances, they no longer can be looked after by their original owners.

Guide Dogs need to fullfil a strict criteria to be able to help blind and partially sighted people. Their raising and training amounts to thousands of pounds. But if it wasn't for them, many disabled people would lose their independence. Their work is truly invaluable, but they still have needs to be covered, such as their training and vet fees.

More and more evidence is available: Dogs' sense of smell can help identify cancerous cells, Medical Detection Dogs work is becoming paramount in the earlier diagnosis of this disease, so more lives are saved. But not only that, their Medical Alert Detection dogs can also alert owners with chronic disease before a life threatening episode is about to happen.

These charities provides with huge benefits for society, as well as making sure their animals welfare is always respected. Please HELP THEM BACK!

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Update on 24/03/16 [Raffle]

New raffle to win an iPad Air (1st prize) or Hamper (2nd prize)!!! Tickets can be purchased at Lawrence Veterinary Centre's reception desk at £1. Winner to be announced at the end of April'16. All proceedings going towards #letourdefran charity challenge!!!

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09.08.16 Last contents of Lawrence Vet reception tin. THANK YOU!!!

23.07.16 Fran you are doing an amazing job...:)

09.07.16 From pet photo shoots

07.07.16 Thank you to all clients and staff from LVC!!! we are very close to the end of the challenge!

23.05.16 Money raised from charity raffle at Lawrence Veterinary Centre

23.04.16 Thank you Jackie for your donation!

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02.04.16 Good luck!

25.03.16 Sorry it's only £5, but it all counts. Rather you guys than me! ! I like to sit on my lazy backside and watch your progress from my sofa. (They say exercise is 50% mental, I guess I'm half way there!?)

24.03.16 All the best Fran! :)

24.03.16 Contents of tin up to 24th March'16. From clients and staff at Lawrence Veterinary Centre. Thank you!!! - Crossed the £1000 line and Stage 3 continues this Saturday!

12.03.16 Three worthwhile causes. Enjoy the cycling!

01.03.16 To Fran the nice vet man

11.01.16 Hi Fran. I think your challenge is completely bonkers, but well done you, amazing and I look forward to meeting you when I join you on your final leg, London to Paris in the summer!

07.01.16 Congratulations to Hels at LVC for winning the Blue Monkey raffle!!

24.12.15 Tin contents from reception from last emptied up to Xmas!

18.12.15 Good luck, great job!

13.12.15 Merry Christmas x

17.11.15 Kindly donated by Wynne. Than you!!!



22.10.15 Contents of the reception tin, from clients and staff at Lawrence Veterinary Centre. Thank you!!!


17.10.15 Great vet and equally great causes. Well done Fran.

11.10.15 Amazing Fran! Well done so far and good luck for the rest of the journey xx


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