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Dogs for Good is an innovative charity, exploring ways dogs can help people overcome specific challenges and enrich and improve lives and communities. Our assistance dogs support adults and children with a range of disabilities and also children with autism. We train activity and therapy dogs to work with specialist handlers in communities and schools. Our Family Dog team also gives specialist advice and support to help people get the most out of their relationship with their pet dog. We believe dogs are good for us and we continue to explore new ways dogs can help people in the future.

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In April 2017 I will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Having completed pooch-to-5K with my dog Gruff and putting in many miles with him as my dedicated and enthusiastic training partner, I am hoping to raise money for the charity Dogs for Good.

The charity provides three services – Assistance Dog: training assistance dogs to support adults and children with physical disabilities and children with autism; Family Dog: providing advice and support to people on how their pet dog can benefit their whole family; Community Dog:  training activity and therapy dogs and their specialist handlers to work in communities and schools. Dogs for Good are also developing Dementia Dogs.

Please watch the Video (just below the running total on this page) to find out more. ---->

UPDATE! Thank you all so much for your donations, together you have raised over £500 pounds! I really am touched by the support I have received and it will carry me around for the 26 miles on race day, plus all those training runs in between then and now!

£500 will go so far for the charity, they tell me that this amount will feed a brood female and her litter until they wean, so perhaps a number of pups will be sent on their way to training thanks to what you have given! Or perhaps your £500 will pay for food, insurance and essential vet bills for a dog in training. What an amazing achievement, your donation to Dogs for Good is going to have such a positive impact on people's lives.

If you are visiting the page hoping to donate then of course I would welcome any extra support that you can give, Dogs for Good receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations, fundraising and volunteers to continue its pioneering work: 77p from every £1 raised or donated goes directly to support its work. 

Here is some idea of what the charity can do with your generosity:

" £1,000 will enable us to purchase a new puppy and cover some of the costs of their first year.
Some of our puppies come from Dogs for Good own breeding programme. We have a scheme consisting of 12 brood bitches who live with specially selected volunteers and they are cared for to the highest welfare and breeding standards. A brood female will have a maximum of four litters. £220 will pay for a whelping box, blankets, equipment and food supplements, and £500 will cover the cost of feeding a brood female and her litter until it is time for them to be weaned.
The puppies live with volunteer socialisers who take care of them for the first fourteen months of their lives. Each socialiser is given a starter kit for their puppy comprising of a dog crate, brushes, bed, food/water bowls, lead, collar, jacket and toys. Providing a puppy with this starter kit  costs £100. 

At around 18 months of age, the puppy will return to the Frances Hay Centre to commence their formal training. at any one time we have 36 dogs in training. They are all taught a wide range of skills that they will need as assistance dogs. 
During training the dogs are regularly taken off site to all sorts of places in order to acclimatise them to different environments and situations.  As assistance dogs in training, they wear training jackets which allow them access rights into public places – each jacket costs £10. For safety reasons, the dogs travel in crates in our vehicles and each crate is £50.
Once a dog completes their 4-6 months of training, they are carefully matched to someone on our waiting list and a 5 day training course will be held. This is our opportunity to teach our clients all of the right instructions to use with the dogs and how best to care for their new helpers, £80  will pay for one days training.  

Of course, we are always there to support our partnerships after they have qualified. With the annual aftercare cost of a working partnership coming in at £700 and the training of a puppy to fully qualified assistance dog costing around £13,500, we are always in need of funds to create more of these wonderful partnerships." 


Thank you all so much, I really do appreciate all of your support.


In January, I was lucky enough to visit The Frances Hey centre, Dogs for Good HQ and see the wonderful facilities there, day kennels, enhanced play areas, boarding kennels, training room and residential accommodation for new partnership training when a person and dog are first paired.

During the visit I met trainer Claire and Tammy, a 2 year old retriever who next week may be partnered with an 11 year old boy who will benefit from physical assistance and the confidence and independence that these relationships bring (fingers crossed that their assessment goes well!).

I also met Karen and Iggy, an established partnership. Karen told us how much Iggy had changed her life and she also spoke of the "ripple effect" of Iggy's presence; Karen's mom can now leave Karen alone confident that if Karen needs something and can't get the phone, Iggy can. Karen and her mom don't have to arrange for someone to come and be with Karen if her mom needs to be somewhere.  
Karen didn't like to go shopping, as she could often feel isolated and invisible. Now she finds that Iggy breaks down barriers, and shopping isn't a daunting task. People see Iggy and Karen rather than a wheelchair.
Perhaps the real beauty of this relationship is that it isn't just about Iggy doing things for Karen, but what Karen does for Iggy. With an assistance dog comes the normal responsibilities of dog ownership. Karen has to look after him too. Karen said that in the past it was easy to not bother going out, but now with Iggy, she has to; and when she gets home she is glad she did.
The charity gets around 2500 enquiries about assistance dogs each year, they hope this year to bring through 60 dogs. It costs around £20000 to take a dog from puppy to partnership. After matching a partnership the charity supports them with training, with follow up visits and an advice service whenever it's required. For example, as her confidence grew, Karen decided that she was ready to use buses, so she and Iggy received further training to achieve this.
In addition to training assistance dogs to meet individual requirements for unique partnerships, Dogs for Good run other projects: community dogs for schools; the PAWS scheme to help families explore how a pet dog can benefit children with autism; dementia dogs, assistance dogs that can serve as therapy pets and preserve independence for people suffering with dementia.

By donating to Dogs for Good you really will be changing someone's life.

To find out more about Dogs for Good visit:


Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

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