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Urgent Appeal for Minyan


My page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/minyan

I am Yilin Xiong raising fund to support Minyan Ying, a 26-year-old brave girl fighting against Lymphoma (cancer). Minyan is my roommate in the last year of undergraduate in Peking University, China. She is an optimistic girl always with big smile and ready to help.

She graduated from Peking University with a master degree and joined China and West Department of Shanghai Century Publishing Group in 2012. She just got married this Feb and was diagnosed of Lymphoma stage III (stage IV will be the last stage) this Sep. As the cancer is located in front of her breast, the surgery is not an option now. She will soon start chemotherapy, consist of 8 sessions. Each session will last 3 weeks, and cost around RMB 30,000. Adding the costs of radiotherapy and nutrition fee, the total costs will be RMB 300,000-400,000 (GBP 30-40k).

She doesn’t have a wealthy family and both of her parents are disabled. As a new graduate, she can only get limited coverage by the medical insurance, and she can only get paid RMB 2,000 (GBP 200) per month for the sick leave. The monthly income for this young couple is only RMB 10,000 (GBP 1k), and they have mortgage to pay. She got some donation from her company and colleagues, but it can only support 1-2 times of chemotherapy, so she urgently need more donation to support her to fight against cancer.

To make the process more convenient for donors, I contacted ChinaNext Foundation, who will support us as a donation platform. All the money donated (including the company match-up and the gift aid) through this webpage will be transferred back to China and used solely for Minyan’s case. By using this method, we can have the following benefits:

  1. Tax-efficient: for all the donors who is paying tax to UK government, you can enjoy the Gift Aid Scheme. "The Gift Aid scheme is for gifts of money by individuals who pay UK tax. Gift Aid donations are regarded as having basic rate tax deducted by the donor.Basic rate tax is 20 per cent, so this means that if you give £10 using Gift Aid, it’s worth £12.50 to the charity."  When you donate through this web site, it is very easy, you just tick the option to allow the reclaim, and virgin money giving will do the rest for you.
  2. Company match-up: Many companies in UK have the match-up scheme, which means they will donate the same amount of money to a registered UK charity if their employees donate. So please check with your company if you have the scheme, so your supports will double!!!! You can apply for your match-up after the donation.
  3. By using the website, all the donated money details will be listed transparently, and can be monitored by all the donors.

ChinaNext Foundation is a UK-registered charity, and you can find their official website here: http://www.chinanext.org/ Thanks ChinaNext Foundation for all the supports

For any questions, please contact me by email: yilin.xiong@gmail.com or Weixin: 15901024856 or Mobile: 07507559194

Please remember to have your FULL NAME and some other information left (such as Peking University Alumni, friends of XXX), as Minyan (who we are supporting) would like to know all the donation details. Thank you so much!! Please join me to support this brave young girl fighting against cancer!


Recent donors

30.10.13 There is only so much one can do. But I hope collectively, we can make a small contribution to help her and her family go through this very difficult time. Cheer up and get well soon! Good luck I will pray for you!

28.10.13 Be strong - God Bless you!

27.10.13 Good luck! We are with you!



22.10.13 Thank you, Xiong Yilin, for raising this donation:) !!!

21.10.13 All the best.

21.10.13 All the best

20.10.13 Minyan, you will be fine! Best wishes from your alumni in Cambridge, UK




20.10.13 Dear Minyan, I donated 100 USD as the income of my two guzheng classes in USA. I wish you get well soon and we can still play guzheng together!

19.10.13 All the best!

19.10.13 Wish you the best of luck, Minyan! Everything will be fine!

19.10.13 Jiayou! Hold on! What hurt you will make you stronger!

19.10.13 Peking University Alumni. Keep fighting!

18.10.13 gd lk!


18.10.13 We love you,brave girl.

18.10.13 Best wishes!!!


18.10.13 Fighting! -a friend of Queena

18.10.13 Bless

18.10.13 Bless!! You will recover!!


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