Combat Stress
Combat Stress is the UK’s leading mental health charity for veterans, providing free specialist clinical treatment and welfare support to ex-servicemen and women across the UK with mental health conditions. We have 6,000 veterans registered with us. We treat conditions including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. We provide a range of free services including short-stay clinical treatment, a specialist PTSD Intensive Treatment Programme, Occupational Therapy, Community and Outreach support and a free 24-hour Helpline. On average it takes 12 years from Service discharge for veterans to contact Combat Stress for help, by which time their condition is often highly complex. For more information visit our website
African Childrens Educational Trust A-CET
Award winning independent charity A-CET, is run with passion by dedicated experienced professional unpaid volunteers in the UK and working through effective Ethiopian local partners in the educational support sector. A-CET provides long-term modest scholarships for up to 15 years to needy youngsters, orphans, the abandoned and/or disabled and upgrades, builds and furnishes rural elementary schools bringing free access to better quality education closer to thousands of vulnerable farming youngsters. A-CET is helping to educate the youngsters so that they can devlop Ethiopia.


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Monte Carlo or Bust!'s fundraising page

William Travers, Tom Stables, Ed Barber

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The Cyclists: This summer Ed Barber, Tom Stables and Wij Travers will be cycling from London to Montecarlo, over 8 and half days. The trip is 870 miles long, and to get there on time we will have to do some days of over 100 miles cycling.

The Charities: The two charities chosen are A-CET and Combat Stress.

A-CET funds long-term scholarships for young Africans, which gives them the oppurtunity to break out the poverty cycle and pursue career of choice, potentially transforming their life. 

* £12 keeps a child in school for a month

* £25 provides a bench and desk for 2-3 children

Combat Stress is one of the UK's leading charities in the care and treatment of Veteren's with mental health issues. It helps them recover from and cope with their horrific experiences, crucially with no cost to the Veteran.

* £30 pays for a one hour session with the Art Therapist

* £110 provides a consultation session with a physchiatrist

Both charities have websites:

Update: 1/2/3 April- Our first ride all together, we covered 35 miles on Friday, 72 miles on Saturday and 34 miles on Sunday. The cycling went well but we realise the training needed to get us up to the required level of fitness. More training needed.

Update: 14th April- Today we decided to conquer the 100 mile barrier that we will be doing for eight consecutive days come the 2nd July. We rode 108 miles today and although it was tough and we were very tired by the end of the day we feel if we continue training our task will be manageable.

Update: 3rd May - Back at school now, and we have tried to get into a rhythm of regualr training despite all our other committments. So hopefully we are well on the way to reaching our required fitness level.

Update: 4th May- Now that we have hit our target of raising £12,000, we are pleased to report that two charitable trusts have indicated that they will together match our initial target and sponsor us a further £12,000. This is clearly fantastic news for A-CET and Combat Stress and we thank everyone who has sponsored us to date. We have decided to be even more ambitious and have raised our target to £30,000.

Update: 9th May- The three of us along with our parents had a meeting yesterday with Trevor who has kindly agreed to, along with his wife Sarah, be our backup for the ride! One step closer to setting off and training will continue to get harder this week!

Update 23rd May- We have reached £30,000 and due to a very kind donation of £3000 from another charitable trust we have decided to rasie our target to £35,000. Thank you very much to everybody who has donated, we really appreciate it and your generosity is inspiring us to keep on training.

Update 25th May - We have organised a 'test run' of two 100 mile days over half term to see if all our training has started to pay off. We now have around 4 days till this and are excited to see the results!

Update 12th July - We made it! After 870 miles, 30degree+ heat, negotiating 'camions', urban sprawls, dubious signposting and a 1300m climb over the Massif Central, we rode into Casino Square, Monte Carlo just before 4pm on Sunday 10th July. We will be writing to everyone who supplied an address or email but meanwhile we would like to take this oppurtunity to thank everybody who gave so generously to raise such a fantastic total for A-CET and Comabt Stress. Your extraordinary support spurred us on when the going got tough. We hope you all have a wonderful summer! Yours, Wij, Ed and Tom

We will keep you updated with our progress and thank you for visiting our page!

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11.10.11 Tom, i am very sorry this is late but well done to you and the boys. i am a colleague of your father's in the city. i work for JPMorgan. congratulations, rick gildea

31.08.11 Well done Gents - phenomenal achievement.

06.08.11 Well done.

01.08.11 Congratulations

27.07.11 Congratulations on a fantastic achievement!

22.07.11 Congratulations

22.07.11 Congratulations.

17.07.11 Well done you have done it.

15.07.11 Congratulations.

10.07.11 Well done guys, great achievement.

09.07.11 All the best for the last push! Love from Regina&family

08.07.11 A worthy cause. Hope it is going well. From The Pooles

07.07.11 Best of luck. These are wonderful charities.

07.07.11 Well done lads. Brilliant effort.





04.07.11 Good luck boys!! We hope it is all smooth roads and gentle inclines.

02.07.11 Better late than never...X

02.07.11 Good luck guys! Wonderful causes and an excellent challenge. Go safely!

01.07.11 best of luck guys!x


30.06.11 Good luck

30.06.11 Best of luck to you! I used to do a lot of cycling and still get on the bike occassionally, but have certainly never done 870 miles...that will be quite an accomplishment both personally and from a charitable perspective.


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