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Pete the Monkey's fundraising page

Pete The Monkey

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“One can take the ape out of the jungle, but not the jungle out of the ape.” Frans de Waal

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Pete the Monkey is a cult figure of the ape world. He first shot to fame when a YouTube video of him washing the dishes became an international web sensation.

Together with the monkeys, we have created a unique project to fund the rescue and rehabilitation of more capuchin monkeys like Pete... by letting you sponsor their viral videos!

The Project

Pete the Monkey is a fundraising project, inspired by one special monkey, with the main goal of raising a total of £20,000 in order to complete the construction of Park Jacj Cuisi, Bolivia’s premier wildlife rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary. This animal sanctuary will be primarily dedicated to releasing capuchin monkeys from captivity back in the wild.

Now here's the deal: every £1000 earned, a new monkey video is released!

...And your name and website link will appear underneath the video you are sponsoring! (Just enter your name and URL when you donate.)

The Issue

Bolivia is the unfortunate home to South America’s largest illegal wild animal trade. Animals in Bolivia are often kept illegally, exotic animals are traded on the black market with little care as to their well being. These animals often suffer from abuse, resulting in permanent disabilities, sometimes leading to death. Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi strives to put an end to this.

The Charity

The Pete the Monkey Project is fundraising for Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi, a Bolivian non-profit organisation, enabling the organisation to complete a new wild animal sanctuary, Bio Park Jacj Cuisi. CIWY’s mission is to raise awareness and fight against the illegal pet trade by rescuing and rehabilitating (when still possible) capuchin monkeys and other wild animals, that have fallen victim to trafficking and inhumane captivity.

Abroad, CIWY is represented by Quest4change, processing the money straight to the construction of the sanctuary.

Thank you so much for your donations and support!!!

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08.04.14 Looking forward to the festival in july!

22.03.14 Good luck , an excellent charity

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27.05.13 From Paris to Bolivia with love for the monkeys!

22.03.13 Nature can do very well without humans but humans die without nature, remember that !

07.02.13 Well done! Now I'm in love with your project. Good luck!


24.01.13 Funds raised over various Pete the Monkey events....

16.01.13 Keep up the good work! I'll spread the word via my t-shirt!

15.01.13 Vive Pete the Monkey!

06.01.13 Come on Pete, keep up the good work! Almost there!

28.12.12 Merry Christmas you monkeys!


18.12.12 Merry Christmas Peter - righteous monkey king and first among primates!



18.12.12 For the amazingly cool T Shirt. Thank you! Sx

16.12.12 Gorgeous Tshirt. Gorgeous monkey.x

16.12.12 Love the t-shirts! They fit perfectly.x

13.12.12 Great project, keep up the monkey business and free those monkeys!

21.11.12 Louis is the man

19.10.12 How amazing it will be when the monkeys go free!

11.10.12 Pete, mate, I'm honoured to be the first dog in Scotland to wear your t-shirt. Let there be more.


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