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The Salvation Army is a registered charity and church working in 117 countries worldwide and is one of the largest and most diverse providers of social welfare in the world. In the UK and Republic of Ireland this work includes more than 800 Salvation Army social service centres and community churches. We provide unconditional friendship, support and very practical help to people in crisis and need and work with children, older people, homeless people and those dealing with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Alongside our work in the UK, The Salvation Army International Development (UK) is part of a world-wide team supporting the battle against poverty in developing countries. The projects we work with are designed by the poor for the poor and we are about enabling and empowering people to build a better future for themselves.
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Rob Donovan

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Hi, thanks for visiting my page. Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to the Salvation Army. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on the charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Why am I gearing up to run the London Marathon in 2017?

The experience of completing the 26 plus miles in 2012 was awesome. Who wouldn't want a chance to  revisit such an occasion? Here is a link to my website and the details about my running 'persona'.

I raised over £2,000 for the Alzheimer's Society in sponsorship for that run and switched from the Salvation Army as my chosen charity to the Alzheimer's Society because my sister had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and my mother-in-law had developed the condition in the recent last years of her life. Now I have an opportunity to help the Salvation Army in their work, specifically in further developing a drug rehabilitation unit in Swindon.

This charity run in April is also my personal tribute to my late father-in-law who passed away aged 90 in July 2015. Beteen a third and a half of the sponsorship money raised by my marathons in London in 2012 and Edinburgh in 2014 came from Ronald directly. His generosity in leaving  me a  legacy means I can pledge that I will match the total sponsorship raised by my run using Ronald's legacy. I hope to raise £1,500; the Salvation Army would then receive £3,000. If I get more money than the target of £1,500, I will continue to match. Here is a link to my eulogy for Ronald delivered at his funeral service in August 2015.  

If you can support my run and this worthwhile cause, it would be really appreciated. Many thanks! 

2017-01-30 - I've donated £350.00 to the Salvation Army by cheque matching the £350.00 donated on line by the end of January 2017. 

2017-03-27 - I've donated £275.00 to the Salvation Army by cheque matching the further £275.00 donated on line by the 27th March 2017. 

2017-04-18 - I've donated £530.00 to the Salvation Army by cheque, posting tomorow, matching the further £530.00 donated on line in the last 24 hours - one donation for £30.00 from M & J - thank you so much - and the other donation, an anonymous one, for £500.00!

 I cannot express my gratitude adequately - what a generous and wonderful act. On my own behalf and on behalf of the Salvation Army and the Gloucester House drug rehabilitation unit - you are brilliant!!!

The online donations now total £1155.00. As promised, I have matched all 16 donations so the offline fundraising also stands at £1155.00 - making a total of £2310.00 to date.  

2017-05-02 - I have today donated offline a further £483.00 by cheque to the Salvation Army. This sum is made up of £141 to match the three new donations online and £171 from nine people since the run (05:37:29 - a PB!) and £171 from me matching these kind donations (see the list below):

Colin (Mr Colenso) - £10.00;

Shanty Baba (Story Teller) - £26.00;

Bill (our Green Grocer) - £20.00;

Rex Henry (Labour Party activist) - £25.00;

 Pedy Prior (Labour Party activist) - £10.00;

Tony Whitehead (former teaching colleague) - £30.00;

Tim and Rachel (Neighbours) - £10.00;

Laura and Lewis (Albatross Fish and Chip shop) - £20.00;

Mick Kennedy (Labour Party activist) - £20.00  

2017-05-05 - Two more donation recorded today - and matched. These are possibly the last donations i shall receive - I'm not expecting more. And they mean my target is met!

Tom and Joan Arkle (friends) - £25.00;

Jane Dews (Senior Librarian in St Ives) - £10.00  So £35.00 donated and I've matched making £70.00 to add to the offline donation total which is now £1708.00    


Recent donors

29.04.17 Congratulations from the Lillistone crew - on the run and your fudraising success.

27.04.17 Well done Rob, quite an achievement.

26.04.17 Well done, comrade -- faster now than in 2014! Now ... was that easier or harder than writing a book?!

18.04.17 Well done, however my late father-in-law told me that if ever I felt like going for a walk I should sit down until the feeling has passed.

18.04.17 All the best on Sunday

08.03.17 It's flatter in London - good luck with the run.

06.03.17 Good luck Rob.

26.02.17 Enjoy

18.02.17 Just because you run a marathon people like you expect a medal!......oh err yeah ok.....

11.02.17 Good luck and enjoy (enjoy??) yourself!

30.01.17 I am sure that you will do it (again)!

28.01.17 Keep up the good charitable work

26.01.17 Best of luck!

25.01.17 Wishing you a good run. Love Jane, Graham and Douglas x

25.01.17 Run well for this good cause!

13.01.17 Good luck :)

28.12.16 Hope the training is going well. Both are fantastic charities and we hope you meet your target.

27.10.16 Keep up the good work

15.10.16 Looking forward to seeing you at the end!


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