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Healthcare in Africa can only be effectively addressed by an improvement in both the training and the retention of healthcare professionals. Initiatives should be sustainable over the long term, rather than provide a well intentioned but unsustainable “quick fix” approach. We are currently fundraising to build a new primary healthcare clinic in southern Malawi; one of the most deprived areas in one of the most deprived countries. We donate Bursary Awards to Medical, Nursing and Physiotherapy students at UK universities to fund Medical, Nursing and Physiotherapy electives in African hospitals. We also work in collaboration with UK surgeons to facilitate and fundraise for surgical teams from the UK to be sent to support and mentor clinical officers in district hospitals in Malawi. For more information, please visit our website at Visit AMECA's Facebook page at
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Tony's Malawi Mission

Tony Whitmore

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I am taking part in a fundraising community challenge in Malawi later this year, supporting the work of the AMECA Trust, which provides medical aid in Africa and provides valuable training for nurses from the UK.

I will be going to Malawi and climbing Mount Mulanje, southern Africa's highest peak. It's a 5 day trek which will involve camping and getting bitten by insects. If that isn't worth a few quid, I don't know what is.

I will also be helping in a local community project and visiting AMECA's hospital in Malawi. That hospital is not reliant on hand-outs to continue operating: It is a sustainable operation.

The AMECA Trust is committed to the delivery of healthcare, training of healthcare professionals and to healthcare education in sub-Saharan African countries, through sustainable initiatives. You can read more at

My fundraising target is £2,550. Please help me reach it!

Thank you for reading this; any money donated will be so greatly appreciated! Please remember to Gift Aid your donation if you are eligible, as this makes a huge difference to the amount of funds raised for the charity.

Thanks to everyone who has donated, I have reached 75% of my fundraising target. That's amazing, thank you all so much. Please keep donating!

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23.04.14 Good luck Tony! I'm sure the trip will go well :)

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15.04.14 Good luck Tony !

15.04.14 Good luck on your trip. How will you podcast from that far away?

15.04.14 Good luck with the trek and enjoy the experience.


14.04.14 Terrific amount raised so far, glad to be able to help with one more step!

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10.04.14 Offline donation from Christine Telfer. Thank you Christine!

10.04.14 Hope the views are many and the insects are few.

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04.04.14 Good luck

03.04.14 good luck and have fun!

03.04.14 Good luck Tony, and great work!

02.04.14 Good luck with the trek!

02.04.14 Offline donation from Kate Wood. Thank you Kate.

02.04.14 Go Tony! Whoop whoop.


02.04.14 Offline donation from Pete Hancock. Thank you Pete!

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01.04.14 Hope all goes well


01.04.14 Good luck


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