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Someone Special is a fundraising tool that, unlike any other fundraising website, is designed to help your fundraisers at a difficult time in their own life or the life of their loved one. More than just 'in memory' fundraising, it's a unique tool that can be used by fundraisers who are in treatment or recovery themselves, or by fundraisers on behalf of their loved ones.

It offers a sensitive way to give online when someone is fundraising:

  • In memory of a loved one.

  • Through treatment - if they or a loved one are undergoing medical treatment.

  • In recovery - as a celebration of recovery from illness or injury.
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Download our toolkit 

Download our toolkit

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1. In memory

Someone Special offers a simple, sensitive way for people to fundraise in memory of a loved one, for the charities that helped them. Your fundraisers can honour their loved one's courage, celebrate their memory, or even ask supporters to donate money instead of sending flowers.

2. Through treatment

Someone Special lets your fundraisers either raise money in support of a loved one undergoing medical treatment, or raise money if they are going through treatment themselves.

3. In recovery

Someone Special allows your fundraisers to celebrate their own or a loved one's recovery from illness or injury, and to give something back to the charities that supported them on their journey back to health.

Share Someone Special with your supporters

Just follow these 3 steps to start offering Someone Special fundraising to your supporters.

Step 1

Download your charity marketing toolkit.

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Step 2

Start sharing Someone Special with your supporters. Use our free copy and flyers in your newsletters, and download your Someone Special web button so your supporters can set up their page in just one click.

Step 3

Use our reporting to help keep track of your Someone Special fundraisers, to give them any additional support they may need.

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