Questions and answers

Here are some questions you've asked us about Virgin Money Giving.

If you have a new question you would like answered, please get in touch. You'll also find lots of practical information about Virgin Money Giving in our help guides.

Charity questions

Can I link to Virgin Money Giving from my charity’s website?


Yes. We've got a range of buttons and banners you can use to link to your Virgin Money Giving page. Add these links to your website, blog, emails - wherever you like.

Click here to find out more

Can I brand and customise my charity’s Virgin Money Giving page?


Yes. You can add your charity’s logo and wording to your Virgin Money Giving page, and change the font size and colour of the text. You can also add photos and include links to other websites. If there isn’t enough room on your main page for everything you want to say, you can add as many extra pages as you like.

Your charity’s logo and description will also appear in search results and on the pages of fundraisers who choose to support you, and you can add a personalised message to the thank you messages we automatically send to fundraisers and donors. You can also pick your own colour for your charity pages.

How do I update my charity's Virgin Money Giving page?


It's really easy to update your charity's page - you can do it whenever you like and we'll make the changes straightaway.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Update, delete, or add new wording.
  • Change your logo.
  • Pick your own colour for your charity pages.
  • Add and remove entire pages.
  • Update, cancel or add new fundraising events.
  • Change your contact details, registered or administration address.
  • Change the categories your charity is listed under or the description that appears in search results.

How will I know when my charity has a new fundraiser or we get a large donation?


There are two ways you can find out information about your fundraisers and donors.

To get exact numbers you can run a report whenever you like - for example find out how much money has been raised by new fundraisers in the last month.

Or set up email alerts and we'll automatically email you every time someone new decides to support your charity or you receive a donation over a certain amount.

Can I contact fundraisers and donors about other events?


When people sign up to Virgin Money Giving or make a donation, we’ll ask their permission to use their contact details.

If they’re happy to be contacted by charities, you can get in touch by email, phone, post and text message.

How long will it take to receive donations made through Virgin Money Giving?


Donations are paid to charities once a week (less our fees).

We reclaim Gift Aid from HMRC and pass it to charities in full once a month.

To find out more about how we process donations, please read our help guide.

Where will you send the payment?


Charities need to have at least one bank account registered with us so we can process donations, but you can add as many extra bank accounts as you like.

You can choose to have different accounts for different fundraising events or one account for everything – it’s completely up to you.

How long will my charity’s fundraising events be on Virgin Money Giving?


It’s up to you how long your fundraising events are shown on Virgin Money Giving – you can set and change the dates easily from your charity’s account whenever you like.

This gives you the flexibility to set up events in advance and only show them to fundraisers when you’re ready, or set cut-off points for joining events so you have time to send fundraisers all the information they need.

How do I get reporting information for my charity?


You can run reports whenever you like to get the information your charity needs. We offer 3 types of reporting available as Excel, Word, CSV, Flash or PDF files:

  • Standard reports
    These are set up and ready to use - most charities will find standard reports cover everything they need to know.
  • Flexible reports
    Adjust the format of our standard reports, and set your own reporting codes so it’s easy to match data to your charity’s system.
  • Custom reports
    Set up your own reports from scratch for complete customisation.

Find out more about reporting with our help guide.

Does Virgin Money Giving support all internet browsers?


Yes, however our reporting tool works best with Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or Firefox 3 or higher. You can find out which browser version you are using by clicking 'Help' on the toolbar at the top of your internet browser and then 'About Internet Explorer' or 'About Firefox'.

To upgrade your browser use the links below or speak to your IT department.
Update Internet Explorer
Update Firefox

Can I match the reporting codes on Virgin Money Giving to my charity’s system?



We offer 3 different types of reporting – standard, flexible and custom. When you use flexible or custom reporting you can set up to 20 custom codes for your charity. That’s 5 each for donors, fundraisers, fundraising pages and events.

And better still, we’ll save your codes for you so you don’t have to type them in again next time.

Find out more about reporting and reporting codes with our help guide.

I work at a local branch of a national charity – do we need to register with Virgin Money Giving separately?


Every charity with its own registered charity number will need to register with Virgin Money Giving separately. If you’re unsure, please check with your charity’s head office first.

Fundraiser and donor questions

Which charities are on Virgin Money Giving?


Virgin Money Giving is open to all UK charities, but they need to register with us before you can make a donation or start fundraising for them.

If you can’t find your chosen charity on Virgin Money Giving at the moment, please complete our quick form and we’ll invite them to join.

How do I find my charity on Virgin Money Giving?


You can search for a charity by typing their name or registered number into the box on our homepage.

If you can’t find your chosen charity on Virgin Money Giving it might be because they haven’t registered with us yet. Please complete our quick form and we’ll invite them to join.

How many charities can I raise money for?


You can raise money for up to 5 charities for each event you take part in and you can also decide how the money is split between the charities.

Please note if an event is organised in aid of a specific charity you’ll only be able to raise money for them.

I’ve collected some money using a sponsorship form – can I add this to my fundraising total on Virgin Money Giving?



When you set up a fundraising page, you’ll see an ‘offline fundraising’ box next to your fundraising total. Simply type in the amount you’ve raised for your event that wasn’t donated through Virgin Money Giving and we’ll add it to your total.

Find out more about updating your fundraising page.

Can I set up a regular donation to my charity?


Yes – you can make regular or one-off donations directly to charity using Virgin Money Giving. In order to validate your card a small transaction will be authorised against your account but no payment will be taken.

Can my donation be anonymous?


Yes. If you’re sponsoring a friend we’ll ask whether you would like to leave your name and a message on their fundraising page. If you’d like to remain anonymous, simply leave the ‘Leave your name / nickname (optional)’ box blank.

However we’ll still need to pass your details to the charity so they can accept your donation and Gift Aid. Charities can only use your details if you agree to it, so you won’t hear from them again if you don’t want to.

How long will my fundraising page be on Virgin Money Giving?


You’ll have a Virgin Money Giving account for as long as you like, until you cancel it. Your fundraising pages (one for each event you take part in) will appear on our website for as long as you want them to.

Whenever you start a new event we’ll ask you to pick an end date for the page. You can change this date any time you like, and even when the page has closed you’ll still be able to see it in your event history.

We recommend you leave your fundraising page open for a while after your event has finished. People may want to sponsor you afterwards when see they see how much effort you’ve put in!

Can I add photos to my Virgin Money Giving page?


Should I give my account details over the phone?


Fraud over the phone – or Vishing – is when a fraudster calls claiming they’re from your bank or some other trusted organisation such as Virgin Money Giving. It is easy for them to convince you too, since they can both fake the telephone number on the screen and do their research to find out some of your personal details. Remember though, Virgin Money Giving will never ask you for financial details like your card number or security code (even by tapping it into your phone keypad)

Gift Aid and fees

Does Virgin Money Giving collect Gift Aid?


Yes – whenever someone makes a donation or sponsors a friend we’ll ask if they’re eligible for Gift Aid.

If they are and agree to claim Gift Aid, we’ll reclaim the Gift Aid from HMRC and it will be passed on to the charity in full.

Gift Aid is the simple way to increase the size of your donation, and because it’s reclaimed from the Government it won’t cost you any extra. Find out more about Gift Aid here.

Do the fundraising totals shown on Virgin Money Giving include Gift Aid?


No. The fundraising totals you see on fundraisers' and charity’s pages don't include Gift Aid. We’ll let you know how much extra has been raised as Gift Aid underneath.

Where can I find out about Virgin Money Giving’s fees?


See a breakdown of our charity fees.

Remember, because Virgin Money Giving is not-for-profit our fees are just enough to cover our operating costs. Should we make any money over and above this in future, we’ll always use it to reduce our fees further or improve our services. Also these fees only apply to charities – it’s completely free for fundraisers and donors to use our website.

Do charities pay VAT on Virgin Money Giving’s fees?


The only fee which is subject to VAT is the one-off £150 start-up fee paid by every charity when they register with us.

There’s no VAT on our card or service fees.

Will Virgin Money Giving’s fees go up in the future?


Because Virgin Money Giving is not-for-profit, our fees are just enough to cover our operating costs. Should we make any money over and above this in future, we’ll always use it to reduce our fees further or improve our services.

Although we can't promise that our running costs won't rise in the future (for example if card companies increase their handling fees), you can rest assured our fees will always be as low as possible and we don’t aim to make a penny.

Other questions

What makes Virgin Money Giving so special?


Virgin Money Giving is not-for-profit, this means our charges are only enough to cover our operating costs. Our aim is to help charities and fundraisers raise as much as they can.

We’re also offering a market-leading website and making life easier for charities with our customisable reporting system. And don’t forget, we’re the official fundraising website for the Virgin London Marathon. Find out more about us.

What support does Virgin Money Giving get from Virgin Money?


Virgin Money give their time, expertise and support to Virgin Money Giving, which allows us to run efficiently and ensure we can process donations quickly, securely and reliably.

Can companies donate to charity through Virgin Money Giving?


Anyone from a company can make a donation or sponsor a fundraiser by registering with us in the usual way and making their payment with a corporate credit or debit card.

If your business would like to donate but you’re unsure what to do, please call our support team on 03456 09 10 46 or speak to your chosen charity.

Is the Virgin Money Giving website accessible for people with disabilities?


Our web design team are working to ensure Virgin Money Giving complies with the Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines set out by the W3C organisation.

If you have any trouble using our website with certain web browsers or other software like screen readers, please let us know by emailing or calling us on 03456 09 10 46.

What should I do if I see an offensive message or photo on Virgin Money Giving?


We screen the posts on Virgin Money Giving to try and stop abusive or offensive content appearing on our website. But if you’ve seen something you feel is inappropriate, please let us know about it by clicking 'report content' at the bottom of the screen.

We promise to investigate any issues and if a post is offensive or libellous in our opinion, or it breaks the Virgin Money Giving terms and conditions, we’ll remove it.