Help guides

Setting up thank you messages

Whenever you set up a fundraising page, you can choose to send an automatic thank you message to everyone who sponsors you.

Step 1
Set up your Virgin Money Giving page, letting us know all the details of your event and chosen charities.
Step 2
Once you’ve personalised your page, choose whether you’d like to know when you have a new sponsor. Click ‘yes’ to receive an email each time someone sponsors you.
Step 3
Next, choose whether you’d like to send each sponsor a thank you message. If you would, click ‘yes’ and then type in your message. The email we send will also include a message from your charity if they’ve chosen to add one.
Step 4
Click ‘next’ to save your message. If you’d like to change your message at any time, just sign into your Virgin Money Giving account and go to update my page.