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Emailing your friends and family

Once your fundraising page is up and running, you’ll want to shout about it to your friends and family. Emailing them a link to your page is a great way to get the sponsorship money rolling in. You can send emails direct from your Virgin Money Giving account whenever you like. Here’s how:

Emailing people when you set up your page
After you’ve finished creating your page, you’ll see a box called ‘Email your friends and family’. Just click on ‘Send an email’.

Emailing people later
If you want to go back to your account at any time to send emails, just log in and on the ‘My account home’ page click the ‘Promote’ link.

Seeing who’s sponsored you
Once you’ve emailed your contacts, you can easily see who’s sponsored you and who hasn’t. Simply go to ‘See my donors’ when you’re signed into your account – you can also send thank you and reminder emails from here.

Email steps


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12 October 2011

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