Help guides

Linking a fundraising page to ‘Someone special’ page

If your fundraising page has already been created.

Step 1

Sign into Virgin Money Giving using your existing log on details and go you ‘My Account’.

Step 2

Find the page you wish to link to the ‘Someone special’ page and select ‘Edit page’.

Step 3

In the fundraising page settings you will see a section called ‘Are you doing this for someone special? From you will be able to search for your someone special or if you know the URL of the existing ‘Someone special’ page use this to locate the page. Once you have identified the correct page, you will be able to link to it from here.

If you haven’t created a fundraising page yet.

Step 1

Search for the ‘Someone special’ page.

Step 2

Once you identify the correct page, you will be able to select the Start Fundraising button directly from the page.