Someone special

Has someone you care about been affected by or lost their life to illness, or struggled with a difficult time?

You can set up a ‘Someone special’ page with Virgin Money Giving dedicated to raising money for up to 5 charities in support or in-memory of someone close to your heart.

You can create ages which:
  • Support a loved one
    Fundraise for the charity or charities helping a loved one who is ill or going through a challenging time.
  • Commemorate a loved one
    Create a page in-memory of a relative or friend. Collect donations for charity in place of flowers and allow fundraisers to raise money in remembrance.
  • Celebrate a loved one’s recovery
    Fundraise for someone who has come through a period of illness and help the charities that have supported their recovery.
Personalising pages

Add photos, videos and a Twitter feed to your ‘Someone special’ page to share memories or updates about your special person or the charity you’re raising money for.

You can also:

  • Allow fundraisers to link to your page
  • View donor messages
  • View the page on your mobile
  • Choose up to 5 charities for your page
Set up your page now