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Action Change
Action Change
Fight for LGBTQ Rights in Africa

Fight for LGBTQ Rights in Africa

Why we need your help


Belonging and supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community is still illegal in many countries across the world, including Africa. This is a violation of human rights which is causing people to face daily discrimination and violence. This project support LGBTQ activism in Africa to achieve policy change but also to end homophobia at a community level. Advocating for human rights is an essential part to reduce inequality effecting LGBTQ communities in Zimbabwe.


In many countries in Africa, being part and supporting the LGBTQ community means living with discrimination on a daily basis. Being denied the rights to express once identity; face name calling; bullying; as well as denied access to job opportunities, education and healthcare services without the protection of the government is unjust and life threatening. Due to the illegality of LGBTQ expression, many people are afraid to speak up to get LGBTQ rights and end homophobia.


By partnering with local LGBTQ advocate groups we will be financially support the local LGBTQ community by providing capacity building needed to continue to mobilise their initiatives, run their organisation efficiently. Through donations the GVI Trust will provide LGBTQ advocates with resources to market their message on a local and global level to raise awareness within the nation but also to advocate for policy change.

Long-Term Impact

By providing the financial means to get advocate for policy change to ensure that each nation is complying with the humans rights related to LGBTQ rights. This will provide a platform for all to have the rights to protest and work on a grassroots level to educate children at schools as well as have workshops to achieve behavioural change. Once people have the right to do the work to protect and promote LGBTQ communities, the need for international protection will be reduced.


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