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No more Menstrual Stigma!

No more Menstrual Stigma!

Why we need your help


Even during the years of impressive innovation and technology success, poverty is still affecting Africa. Those affected the worst are young girls. The products first cuts from the households tends to include sanitation products resulting in maintained gender inequality. Girls can no longer attend school, causing them to miss up to a quarter of the school year and falling behind, keeping the circle of poverty and gender inequality..


The world is moving forward and realising the value of investing in girls and women, and more solutions are on the market than ever. Nevertheless, girls in Africa continue to suffer due to something as small as lack of adequate intimate sanitation, a household product which is often cut out in times of poverty. Consequently, girls are experiencing high levels of stigma and can miss as much as a quarter of the school year, a fact which maintains the high levels of gender inequality.


By providing funds to rural schools to invest in sewing machines and material as well as financial training we are providing schools with the opportunity to independently learn and make reusable pads for girls attending the school. This will in turn generate a small income to the school to continue to fund the initiative. In addition, this is preparing the school for the current climate crisis which is forcing societies to prepare for environmentally sustainable products and reduce consumption.

Long-Term Impact

By providing teachers, and even the girls themselves with the skills to make reusable pads, the project is being established in a sustainable matter, rather than to simply buy pads which would be a ongoing cost. The skills would further be transferable and be able to assist in other income generating initiatives. Further, it is also providing a greater understanding of reduced consumption, recycling and preparation for climate change.


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