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Action Change
Preventing Drought and Water Crisis

Preventing Drought and Water Crisis

Why we need your help


2 billion people in sub-saharan Africa lack access to clean water. Clean water is fundamental components for good health and well being, quality education and sustainable livelihoods.. Through local partners we provide rural communities with access to clean water to rural schools to give them the opportunity to stay healthy, reduce water collection time for girls and the chance to maintain community gardens.


Over the last few years, Africa has experienced severe drought and water crisis as a result of climate change. However, due to lack of adequate infrastructure and a poor economy, there are limited opportunities to use innovative solutions for access. This hinders communities to remain sanitary; have a flourishing agricultural industry and contributes to gender inequality by forcing girls to collect water which continually puts women one step behind.


By partnering up with local ngos and social entrepreneurs we are bringing innovative and sustainable clean water solutions to rural communities. This will not only ensure good health and well being, but provide an opportunity to generate an income through agriculture which will break the cycle of poverty, and eventually allow communities to independently afford building their infrastructure to access water.

Long-Term Impact

A safe and reliable water source will make it possible for adequate WASH practices, clean drinking water as well as the chance to grow their own produce for sustainable livelihoods. the solution is not simply to give, but to educate, motivate and provide the initial capital to create ownership. This will give people the foundation to live healthy and productive lives and provide gender equality in the long run.


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