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Support African Social Entrepreneurs

Support African Social Entrepreneurs

Why we need your help


Africa is suffering from low economic growth and high unemployment rate. This causes the nation to rely on foreign aid and not be able to break the cycle of poverty. This projects supports local, social entrepreneurs with training and financial means to start and grow their own business, solve local issues and employ people who then can survive independently. Every business has different needs and our support is therefore custom made to have the greatest impact.


Starting a business is difficult in any setting. Imagine trying to do it in countries where electricity and internet are not a given, and to a customer which has limited purchasing power. However, without innovative ideas and capital to invest in them, Africa will continue to rely on foreign aid and the supply of products from foreign countries which contributes to the pollution of the environment.


Through local partners we provide local, social entrepreneurs with training and financial resources to get their business off the ground and grow their business and reach a greater market. We are especially focusing on innovative ideas which are environmentally friendly and support social causes such as gender equality, quality education and sustainable livelihoods. All big companies started with one single idea, and someone who believed in them. This will break the cycle of poverty.

Long-Term Impact

This will reduce dependency on foreign aid and create sustainable economic growth and empower locals to take control over their future. In addition, the project will contribute to skills development and provide job opportunities which will break the cycle of poverty. By having an income, families will have the means to independetly pay for food, education and healthcare which will again reduce dependency and contribute to economic growth.


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