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Gift of Vision and Hearing to Children

Gift of Vision and Hearing to Children

Why we need your help


Across Africa, children are facing discrimination due to hearing and vision difficulties. With families lacking knowledge of identifying problems, and resources to provide adequate support, many children fall behind in school. This results in lack of employment opportunities and coping strategies causing dependency on families, governments and international aid. By providing children with the gift of vision and hearing, they can grow and develop and become part of the solution.


Children who are suffering from hearing and vision, and their families are often unaware of their difficulties. When they are due to the stigma associated with vision and hearing problems, parents often don't declare to schools the issues that their children face. Consequently, no assistance is provided. Even when issues are declared, parents and schools lack the resources and funding to do adequate checks to be able to assist those suffering and provide glasses and hearing aids to those in need


By providing rural and disadvantaged communities across Africa in association with specialised NGOs with vision and hearing testing children in need will be given a new chance. The screening provided by local, trained staff will identify children's individual needs prior to supplying them with the resources required to give children vision and hearing as they grow old. Training will be provided to the child and its family to ensure use and maintenance of the specific device.

Long-Term Impact

Children without the lack of adequate vision and hearing, fall behind in school and eventually without work opportunities. By tackling the root cause of their learning difficulties, the donation will not only provide children with the ability to live life to the fullest, but to reduce inequalities they face on a daily basis and include them in the development process. This will reduce their dependence on their family, government and foreign aid and empower them economically.


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