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Bansang Hospital Appeal
Bansang Hospital Appeal
Children's Ward Renovations

Children's Ward Renovations

Why we need your help


£20,558 For Final Phase Renovations Of the Children's Ward 

The Need:

For most of its history, the staff working on Bansang’s children ward have had to contend with the most awful conditions. Four to a bed, unavoidable cross infections, acute equipment shortages and candles for lighting; this was a place where only the very strongest of children had a chance to heal. That changed in 2006 when our supporters came together to fund the new 80 bed ward.

For the last 13 years, this new ward has delivered some of the best paediatric care in West Africa. With specialist burns, malnutrition, intensive care and isolation wards, it gave every child the very best chance to survive. It was and remains a wonderful, if imperfect, achievement.

The imperfections were not our intention. Back in 2005, we were limited by the materials available to us (which the devastating storms of July 2019 have shown to be dangerously inferior). We were also constrained by our understanding of how best to deliver care, particularly in relation to the control of infections such as sepsis.

Those years of learning have given us immense insight into how we can improve care for our vulnerable young patients. We now need you to help us make it a reality.


The Project:

After 13 years of analysing how best to deliver care, we are ready to put our understanding into the complete refurbishment of the children’s ward. The project has been broken into three phases. The £19,000 first phase was completed in September. The £21,735 second phase is ongoing, with the cost hopefully covered by a charitable grant. It is for the final phase, costing £20,558, that I again turn to you.

With your help, we will complete the overhaul of the Aluzinc roof (which suffered extensive damage in the devastating storms of July 2019). We will also fit plaster ceilings to contain heat in the roof space, along with high power fans and new LED lighting. Our focus on reducing infection will see us fit aluminium screens, metal doors, porcelain floors and elbow operable taps/toilets/showers throughout the building.

Phase 3 will also see the installation of a premature baby unit, which will complement the specialist care provided by our other wards (neonatal, ICU, malnutrition, surgical and medical). We will also be renovating our staff room, play therapy area, office and solar power facility.

This is one of our most ambitious projects to date. It will help us dramatically improve the care we deliver to our most vulnerable young patients, whilst also reducing the spread of infections.

Please, if you have the means, help us to make this project a reality by making a donation below


My very best wishes for the festive period,

Anita Smith MBE 

Founder & Director, Bansang Hospital Appeal


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Nov 28, 2020

Linda Nicholson

Sold a few bits for you Anita, left overs from the Vide Greniers stock. Hopefully can send more when I can start to advertise again locally as we are still on lockdown can't use usual site :/


Apr 30, 2020

Tom Naughton


Apr 15, 2020


Apr 10, 2020


All our love and regards to everyone.

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Feb 05, 2020

Lonnie Angstadt


Feb 05, 2020

Jane MacLennan

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Jan 25, 2020



Jan 13, 2020

Kim Falconer

Wonderful cause!!


Jan 04, 2020

Joan Cavanagh

Hope it helps.

(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Jan 04, 2020

Dr Laurie and Tim Marks

From Zimbabwe to Gambia .......Harare to Bansang



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