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Hello, and welcome to Education East Africa’s #KiliRide15 fundraising Campaign.

Thank you for your interest in Education East Africa’s Inaugural Kilimanjaro Cycling Fundraiser.

Education East Africa and Your Donation
We believe "Education is the passport to a self-sustaining life." Our small charity, Education East Africa, creates and delivers in-service training, books and materials for teachers and pupils. This work is transforming primary education in East Africa.

To date, we have significantly improved the education of over 6,000 pupils. Nearly 400 teachers have benefited from our hands-on teacher training. Our dream has long been to get our textbooks and teachers' guides in the hands of every teacher in Tanzania and Rwanda.

Our charity was founded in 1994 by Education East Africa’s Director, Katy Allen.  In 2001 Katy was awarded an MBE for her services to education in Tanzania. Our work has been transforming primary education in East Africa for over 21 years. 

As the festive season gets underway, your donation will be invested in improving primary education for pupils in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania and the Kigali province of Rwanda. With our help each child can learn basic thinking skills that will be developed throughout their life, self-confidence, social and communication skills. This fosters a love of learning – the most valuable gift of all. A quality primary education is worth more than a thousand Christmas presents.

Background to the #KiliRide15 Campaign
Many charities organize fundraising events in the Kilimanjaro National Park. However, Education East Africa is the only charity organizing fundraising events where the proceeds improve education for the local children living in the communities that surround Mount Kilimanjaro.

The first ever #KiliRide15 took place between 27th October and 6th of November 2015.  This 225 mile cycle ride, circumnavigating Mount Kilimanjaro, was a novel event for Education East Africa. All nine of our cyclists successfully completed the gruelling journey.

The #KiliRide15 Campaign is our largest fundraising event of the year. We aspire to reach our fundraising target of £30,000. With this goal in mind, we will keep our Campaign page open for donations until February 2016.  

We receive no government support. We are wholly funded by the generosity of our donors like you. Of our total fundraising, 95% is invested in education and employment. This is made possible because of the commitment of our enthusiastic volunteers

We appreciate your curiosity and generosity.

Elimu ni Uhai. Education is Life.

Many thanks,
Education East Africa and the #KiliRide15 Team

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