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Kensington + Chelsea Foundation
Kensington + Chelsea Foundation
Isolation and Loneliness

Isolation and Loneliness

Why we need your help

People are lonely. Almost 50% of local older people in our borough live alone.  K&C JSNA 2016-21

People are living with mental health problems. Our borough has the highest population with severe and enduring mental illness known to GPs in London. K&C JSNA 2016-21

We make grants to charities that are making a positive impact on the lives of local people of all ages who are isolated and lonely by connecting them with other residents and providing education, social activities and support. We support projects that have been identified by talking to local people, reflect local data and can demonstrate long-term outcomes.

We aim to raise £200,000 a year from 2019-2021 to invest in a range of innovative projects run by local sector voluntary partners who are determined, like us, to help those who are suffering from crippling isolation and loneliness. 

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