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Action Change
Action Change

Transitioning Renewable Energy in Africa

Why we need your help


In 2014, 600 million people in Africa lacked access to electricity. Renewable energy is fundamental components for sustainable cities as well as self-sufficient projects. Through local partners we provide access to clean energy to rural schools, clinics and communities who suffer from either no power access, to extensive load shedding. This gives them the opportunity to light, electronic learning tools, communication means and healthcare equipment.


Whilst the rest of the world are preparing for a time driven by renewable energy, Africa lack the means to be able to take proactive steps to prepare for climate change. With schools and clinics lacking access to electricity the opportunities to provide adequate healthcare and quality education is difficult. With a growing population, and many rural communities the challenge becomes even greater.


The solutions for clean energy is currently available, but due to the high cost, Africa is falling behind in the development to prepare for climate change. Through our local partners, we identify rural communities, schools and healthcare institutions who lack the basic supply of energy and offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to tackle the root cause of poor healthcare and education offerings in rural settings.

Long-Term Impact

By giving schools and clinics access to renewable energy we are opening doors for children to learn no matter the hour; have electricity to power computers, sewing machines and other material for vocational training; communicate in case of need and pump water into their homes to save time collecting. Renewable energy is a core building building block for further development and provides institutions the opportunity to be self sustainable.


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