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AfriCat Pangolin Project

AfriCat Pangolin Project

Why we need your help

The AfriCat Foundation Pangolin Project

The impact on tourism of the worldwide pandemic has necessitated a curtailment in the research programmes at the AfriCat Foundation. This page has therefore closed. Any kind donations will be put towards securing the habitat within the Okonjima Nature Reserve. You can support the work of the AfriCat Foundation here

Pangolins are in big trouble and have the dubious title of being the most traffic animals on the planet. Indeed, they have had a degree of notoriety being linked as a possible source of transmission for the covid 19 virus.

Despite their dinosaur or reptilian-like appearance, they are in fact mammals.  Pangolins eat ants and termites.  While they do not have great vision, they do have an amazing sense of smell, with this they are able to sniff out ant and termite nests.  They use their long sticky tongue, which is as long as its body and extremely flexible, to eat their prey. Walking on their hind legs they use their front ones to forage for food.

While trafficking is pangolin biggest threat, they also die because of vehicle accidents and being electrocuted on electric fencing. The loss of habitat, drought and persecution by scared villagers also has an impact on numbers and their future survival.  They do not have many natural predators as their scales are very protective when rolled into a tight ball. 

For more information visit The AfriCat Foundation or AfriCat UK  

Donations to support the work of the AfriCat Foundation and the Okonjima Nature Reserve can be made here

thank you - AfriCat UK 


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 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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Feb 19, 2021

Andy and Gill

Good Cause

(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Feb 15, 2021

Dave Hilliard

To help protect pangolins in Africa.

(plus 6.25 giftaid)

Feb 14, 2021


(plus 5.24 giftaid)

Dec 18, 2020


(plus 3.75 giftaid)

Nov 01, 2020

Andrew Parks-Smith

(plus 6.25 giftaid)

Jul 10, 2020


(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Jun 06, 2020

Vivien Sepuka

Thank you for your commitment and for trying to save these unique and wonderful animals. This research is really important.


May 09, 2020

Tash Underwood

(plus 1.25 giftaid)

May 05, 2020

Ann-Marie Fry

We thank you for your fantastic work and can?t wait to visit.

(plus 6.25 giftaid)

Feb 29, 2020


Good luck with the tracking. I suggest we promote to that pangolins do harbour coronavirus, and then perhaps people will stop killing and eating them and leave them alone....


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