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Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID)
Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID)
Skillsets 4 Vets

Skillsets 4 Vets

Why we need your help

Dear Supporter,

Orangutan vets are at the very frontline of the rescue and rehabilitation of orangutan and often the main reason that they survive.

Ensuring that these vets have the facilities and the best skills is OVAID’s priority and you can be a part of this.

In 2019 OVAID initiated its OVAID / Bronwyn Watson Scholarship to enable Indonesian orangutan vets to travel to the U.K. and our two candidates Arga and Pandu enthused about the programme and the valuable skills that they acquired.

The scholarship has been so successful that this summer OVAID are giving four lucky candidates the chance to experience this great opportunity.

Whilst the original scholarship is funded by a generous legacy from the late Bronwyn Watson our extra two candidates will have to be funded by OVAID and we urgently need your help.

 Please help us to help these orangutan vets!

By sponsoring our vet candidates you have the opportunity to help ensure that the welfare of over 800 rescued orangutan in four centres is guaranteed.

Our candidates represent four different rescue centres:

Dr Meuthya works with the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation programme in Medan, Nth Sumatra. Confirmed candidate for the OVAID / Bronwyn Watson Scholarship. Meuthya wants to improve her skills in imaging techniques and surgery.

Dr Vivi is part of the veterinary team at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) rescue centre at Nyaru Menteng, Central Kalimantan. Confirmed candidate for the OVAID / Bronwyn Watson Scholarship. Vivi wants to increase her skill sets in Pathology, Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy for injured orangutan.

Dr Agnes is senior vet at the BOSF Samboja Lestari rescue centre in East Kalimantan caring for nearly 300 orangutan.  Agnes intends to improve her Ophthalmic skills and will also spend time with a specialist wildlife dental surgeon who works with orangutan and bears.

Rescued orangutan have often suffered bullet wound injuries especially to the eyes and when kept as pets their nutrition is often inadequate and poor leading to painful debilitating dental conditions. By giving Agnes extra skills in these subjects she can have a huge impact on the welfare of the orangutan in her care.

  OVAID scholarship candidate needing funding.

Dr Temia qualified just three years ago and is part of the veterinary team at International Animal Rescue (YIARI) in West Kalimantan. Temia is seeking more expertise on Ophthalmology and Wound management and care for injured rescued orangutan. Her placements will be with specialist veterinary ophthalmologists, specialist veterinary soft tissue surgeons and human medical specialists in burns and battlefield wounds. 

All rescued orangutan are suffering mental and/or physical trauma after seeing their mothers killed in front of them. Many suffer bullet and machete wounds and even the daily rough and tumble of young orangutan often results in injuries. Wound management in the hot tropical environment and with an unco-operative patient is challenging. By giving Temia expertise in treating wounds she will have a significant impact on the recovery and progress of the baby orangutan.   OVAID scholarship candidate needing funding.

You can make the dream come true for Dr Temia and Dr Agnes but we need your help Now. They need to travel to the U.K. in August so there is no time to lose!

Please help us reach our target of £5000 to allow these two dedicated vets to learn skills that they can take back to Indonesia and create a source of knowledge which will benefit not only the existing vet teams but more orangutan vets for the future.

THANK YOU from Sara & Nigel


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