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Emergency Response to COVID19 Rebuilding

Emergency Response to COVID19 Rebuilding

Why we need your help


COVID-19 has been a challenge on everyone around the world. We have all come together and listened to advice as this is the right thing to do. We are now anticipating that once we come out of the other side some businesses and jobs are going to fall casualty of the pandemic and unemployment will rise. New opportunities will come in the future and this project aims to bridge the gap by offering new and recovering businesses the support to get on their feet and provide local employment.


Unemployment pre COVID-19 was already at a high in South Africa, we are expecting this to hugely increase as businesses struggle to stay afloat. We will be offering a co-working space to aspiring entrepreneurs from townships with particular focus on women to help them setup and run their own business. There is local funding available for businesses but you need a registered business address and this is a challenge for people living in informal townships. Our project will remove this barrier


This project will part fund a new non-profit co-working space for local businesses from townships to setup in the city of Cape Town. Providing them with a free mentoring network, training and office space to reach their potential as a new business. The centre will also offer support and training to help re-train local community member, up-skill and help access new forms of employment post COVID-19. This hub will be essential for rebuilding the community and creating new employment

Long-Term Impact

We know this is not a 'once off' virus and that the virus not only is here to stay long term but the impact longer term on our projects are at risk. Currently using all reserves to survive the lockdown our project aim is to ensure that we support all projects to be able to resume and continue their work longer term.


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