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Build an Education
Books for All

Books for All

Why we need your help

Help us to create a mobile library vehicle to supply books and learning materials to disadvantaged children in rural communites of Ghana.

About This Project
We aim to purchase a vehicle and convert it into a mobile library which will serve the local communities surrounding Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

This service will enable thousands of children access to books they would otherwise not have. Not only once but on a rolling regular basis.

We have a stash of books out in Ghana already which we use as a small scale mobile library by sharing these out to various schools on a monthly basis however we aim to improve on this to serve more remote communites and on a more regular basis.

Unfortunately in our local area educational materials are extremely lacking at home and in schools. This service will enhance the schools teachings and provide extra curricular activities at the same time.

It will be operated by a Ghanaian member of staff to increase employment in the area and will be supervised by our management team in partnership with the local Education office and school management.

Why This Project?
In the Kwahu area of Ghana the majority of the population live under the poverty line and therefore educational materials for school and books are thought of as a luxury for most. The children generally are extremely eager to learn and jump at the chance for a more hands on approach of teaching and reading. Due to a lack of materials their learning is often dication focused and they rarely get chance to have their own books to read unless a generic story from one of their exam questions.

Due to a lot of our district's roads being in bad conditions we require a strong and stable vehicle to be able to handle itself when reaching the remote communities and ensure it has enough capacity to be able to carry enough books to satisfy and help all!

We started small scale with a mobile book club to see the demand and social impact of this to which we received rave reviews from all stakeholders involved. The children have been extremely eager for us to return as soon as possible so they can move onto their next books and the teachers have reported a distinct improvement in the children's confidence and ability to read within classes. Just being able to read a story book and actually be interested in it helps to massively develop language skills such as vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing and skills.

Unfortunately it's sad to see that due to the dictation focus on learning a lot of the children don't have the ability for creative thinking. They've never been able to read a fantasy tale or create their own story where there is no right or wrong choices.
We want to change that. One book and sentence at a time.

Where Will This Project Operate?
Our vehicle and materials for this will be based at our office in Abetifi. From here we have the perfect platform to venture out into the larger towns and further remote communites of Kwahu East and Kwahu South. We will split the development of the service into phases.
Phase 1 - Will operate for the initial 6 months to include our 10 linked schools. These schools have already been connected to our team and we already have strong connections to the children, teachers and headmasters.
After this time we will focus on reaching the further out schools where they have less exposure to assistance and additional materials due to the poor road network and sometimes remoteness of their communities.

Who Will Run The Project?
Our fundraising will allow us to employ a local member of staff who will operate as a driver and coordinator. The youth employment rate for rural Ghana is extremely high so we are very excited to be able to help in this little way! It will be supervised by our management team in partnership with the district education office and relevant teaching staff and school management to ensure fair and regular distribution.

How Will We Convert The Vehicle?
We will be sourcing a used pickup truck/flat bed vehicle here in Ghana. Once we have the vehicle we will brand it up with a fresh coat of paint and clean so it's looking amazing when it arrives to visit the schools and children. Part of the conversion will include the load space area being used for book shelves, display units and lockable cabinets to ensure a safe enough area from the elements along with enough space to fit all the books we need for each trip!

What Will The Funds Be Used For?

  1. Purchase of a used vehicle. This will be a pickup or flatbed truck depending on the market value and exchange rate when we hit our target. A strong and sturdy vehicle is important to ensure we can reach the further afield communities. £7623
  2. Repaint and fresh branding including full valet. £55
  3. Conversion of load space area to fit book shelves and lockable cabinets. £275
  4. 6 months pay for a part time driver. £415
  5. 6 months work of fuel to reach the villages and communites in need. £411
  6. 6 months worth of maintenance, service checkups, replacement tyres and oil changes. £124

Example Mobile Libraries Which We Have Drawn Our Inspiration:

Mobile Library Example 1Mobile Library Example 2Mobile Library Example 3


raised towards 8,903.00 target


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Feb 04, 2021

Jilke Schokker

This money has been raised mostly by the Haskeroord church and community in the Netherlands of which Jilke, a past member of Atlas Volunteers, is a member. We hope that children in Ghana will get more opportunities to read.


Nov 11, 2020

Hannah ainsworth

(plus 2.50 giftaid)


Total raised so far


Total plus Gift Aid 5,052.50

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Raised offline 4,380.00

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