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Thank You to our Unsung Heroes of COVID

Thank You to our Unsung Heroes of COVID

Why we need your help

COVID-19 has been a challenge for many and you probably have seen the incredible captain Tom, who has raised over £12m for the NHS in the UK by completing a 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. He is a true hero and he is not the only one. We are amazed to be hearing about so many individuals around the world that have stepped up to help others through this challenging and difficult time. As we stand together as a global community to fight this pandemic it is important to say thank you and help people to help others...

Meet our Heroes 

 Gill, United Kingdom 

Gill (middle), Headteacher of a Primary School near London. 

Gill is a headteacher at a primary school in the United Kingdom. Due to COVID-19, like many schools, means they have had to close their doors. With the schools closed it impacts children that are on other benefits such as school meals. Gill has volunteered her time in the school holidays to another local school in need and also has helped to hand deliver food parcels weekly to children that are on government funded school meals and are unable to get out to collect food from the school. Currently they are supplying 25 essential meal packs a week to keep children stay fed and healthy. Something you don’t see on the news every day but without people like Gill these students would go without! 

From all of us, thank you Gill, for being a hero to your community! 

#Unsunghero #together #united #thankyou 

Blax and Space, South Africa 

Starting their business from 200 rand (£10) today with the support of their community they have set up their own catering business running two food trailers and a restaurant. Since COVID-19 hit South Africa these two entrepreneurs with their team of over 15 staff have secured a partnership with a local business and are able to deliver 150 food packages to families in need in two local townships. They want to give back to the community that supported them and every day they are trying to support more and more people that are in critical need of food and supplies in the Townships. Without them these people would go hungry - thank you to both of you and your team for being heroes to your community. 

From all of us, thank you to both of you for being a hero to your community! 

#Unsunghero #together #united #thankyou 

Dean Barber, Teacher, London, United Kingdom 

Dean has dedicated his career to teaching and after suddenly being told the school was to close he looked at ways to help. Parents and carers found themselves left at home trying to adapt to working from home while finding time to educate their children without knowing the curriculum. 

Dean, wanting to help, took it upon himself to set up 30 min online classes using zoom inviting students to attend. A hero to the parents allowing them to leave children online with their teacher for 30 mins while they had time to clean, do their own work or attend to other family members. Dean is keeping the students active, the curriculum alive at home and students get to connect with other fellow classmates online. 

Dean, you are an unsung hero supporting your community and keeping them learning! Thank you 

#Unsunghero #together #united #thankyou 

To everyone doing their bit thank you! All donations to this project will go towards the fight of COVID-19 through the charity, providing the support and resources for other heroes to help their communities globally. - Stay Safe, Stay Home and Thank You!

We will continue to be sharing more of our heroes from around the world over the coming weeks on social media. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @GVITrust


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