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Wizzybug Loan Scheme

Wizzybug Loan Scheme

Why we need your help

Why do children need a Wizzybug?

There are many children under 5 in the UK who have a health condition or disability which limits their mobility.

Conditions such as cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy can leave children unable to walk and interact easily with others their own age.

The remarkable thing about Wizzybug is that children as young as 14 months can operate its simple controls, allowing them to:

- zip around with their peers and have fun
- develop a sense of spatial awareness- interact with their environment and
- gain a feeling of independence.

It can be used indoors and out of doors in accessible areas such as level gardens, playgrounds and parks, enabling children to enjoy the experience of mobility with their “first wheels”.

The problem is, there is generally no NHS funding available for powered mobility for children under 5. This is where the team at Designability come in...

The Wizzybug Loan Scheme

Raising the money to buy a Wizzybug outright is out of reach for a lot of people, particularly when there are other things to be thinking of when looking after a child with a disability.

So, we have created the Wizzybug Loan Scheme to offer children in mainland UK the chance to have one on loan completely free of charge for as long as they need it.

Each Wizzybug in the scheme costs us £4,750 which covers:

- the complete manufacture and labour costs to produce one at our workshop in Bath
- an assessment with an occupational therapist
- full support from our team throughout a family's loan
- optional extras required by some children- costs of at least two refurbishments to benefit more children.

Play a part in it - help another child to have a Wizzybug

We rely on generous donations to be able to offer these wonderful powered chairs to children. Without your support, we would be unable to provide Wizzybugs for free to the children who could really benefit from them.

Could you play a part in funding our Wizzybug Loan Scheme?

 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.


Louise Buxton

Bath Golf Club's fundraising page

Walk for wizzy

Walk for wizzy


Nov 06, 2020

Tony Price

Just seen this charity on TV, happy to help

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

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