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The Thyroid Trust
The Thyroid Trust
International Thyroid Awareness Day

International Thyroid Awareness Day

Why we need your help

International Thyroid Awareness Day 2020 is 25th May, marking the start of International Thyroid Awareness Week, which runs until 31st May. 
The Thyroid Trust will be raising awareness and celebrating thyroid patients in the UK.
As a new and tiny charity we need your help to make some noise!
International Thyroid Awareness Day, 25th May 2020
International Thyroid Awareness Week until 31st May.
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international thyroid awareness day and week2020

The Thyroid Trust will be raising awareness and celebrating thyroid patients in the UK.
As a new and tiny charity we need your help to make some noise!

It's harder than ever for thyroid patients' issues to be heard, during these difficult times and of course, we all want to support the NHS to focus on beating the Covid19 pandemic at the moment, first and foremost, since it's such a huge global threat. 
But let's not let this date go by unmarked, it's our day, as people affected by thyroid disease.

Our day to acknowledge each other and perhaps take some time to let those around us know a bit more about thyroid health issues. 

If you're well, celebrate! It's inspiring for anyone newly diagnosed to know that people with thyroid disease can usually live a full and active life, once their condition is well managed. Most people with a thyroid condition can be relatively easily treated. But we know that around 10% of patients, perhaps many more, have a very difficult time with their condition and that in some cases it can be hard to access effective treatment, for lots of reasons, all of which we're determined to address, to make things better over time.

If you're one of those people who is currently suffering with a thyroid condition, please know that you're not alone. Reach out. Be informed, ask for help and share your story, so that we can help inform clinicians, researchers and policy makers of the issues that need to be raised. 

We are a brand new charity and still very small. We completed our registration with the charity commission in May 2019 and our resources are pretty stretched, as you might imagine. It's a big thing to set up a new charity.     

We have created The Thyroid Trust to be a strong voice for patients, to work for everyone affected by thyroid disease, including friends, family and interested professionals and to organise regular events with expert speakers (which are now taking place online, of course) as well as general awareness raising.

We have a huge challenge. We can't do it alone. We work with several partners and we are all learning and growing together.  If you can support us financially or would like to do some fundraising around International Thyroid Awareness Day and Week, that would be amazing!

We have some great TTT 'you're not alone' Tshirts available, if you'd like one. 

Let us know what you're up to by posting on our Facebook Page, Tweeting us, or emailing.
Fantastic Fundraisers get an extra big thumbs up from us. There are some wild and whacky fun activities being planned,  mostly home based, but some that can be done during daily allowable outdoor exercise. So far we're hearing of possible running or walking wearing butterfly wings, butterfly facepaints, a cycling challenge, creating butterfly artworks and more! 

Some of us will be Spelling out THYROID, or tracing butterfly shaped routes, all over the country, dressed as butterflies, during our permitted exercise times on International Thyroid Awareness Day... 

Join in, let's raise the profile of thryoid health!

Obviously, anything you do, you must be sure to observe the government's social distancing guidelines.

Stay safe - and we'd love to see any photos or videos you take. 

Please share using the hashtag

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The Thyroid Trust is also known as TTT and Thyroid Friends Network.

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