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Future Pillars (Zambia)
Future Pillars (Zambia)
New school block building appeal

New school block building appeal

Why we need your help

Building Project

Barry shares the conversations we have been having about the future: We have been dissatisfied with the current accommodation in Kabwe for several years, not least because of the school’s inability to provide a complete educational journey through to the end of G12. Our empowerment of the vulnerable child has been restricted – currently children must leave at the end of G9 and the school ‘day’ is actually only half a day of learning. For many months, the trustees and the team in Kabwe have been discussing curriculum projections and Zambian Government compliance requirements. We are unanimous in our determination to solve the ‘complete journey’ shortfall as well as a number of other accommodation challenges. Detailed architect drawings have been commissioned to provide a 2-storey classroom block with the following accommodation:

• 2 science laboratories, to comply with Zambian Government requirements for G10 - 12

• 1 computer studies suite, 1 technology/art classroom, 5 general classrooms

• 1 staffroom, 1 science preparation room, further offices

The benefits will be:

• G5 to G12 will have whole-day learning

• The school will have senior as well as junior secondary learners

• Specialist accommodation for Science, Computer Studies, Technology/Art, and the School Hall used for dance, drama, and music

• Teachers will occupy their own classrooms, rather than moving at the change of lessons, with more opportunity for curriculum enrichment

• More effective safeguarding of vulnerable children as many will be on-site for the whole day

We have been out to tender and our Zambian colleagues have ‘checked out’ the preferred contractor. A detailed bill of quantity has been prepared with a total cost of £109,000 at today’s prices and exchange rate. This figure comes with a couple of health warnings - the continuing rise in the cost of materials, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the regular fluctuations in the exchange rate.

To help our UK understanding of what our £ can do for this exciting project:

• Concrete building block (we need 5000) @ £0.50*

• 50kg bag of cement (we need 2500) @ £5*

• Door frame (we need 14) @£25*

• Door @£40*

• 20 ton lorry-load of sand (we need 11) @ £120*

If we are to be ready to take G10 from January 2022, construction of the building will need to take place during 2021. We ask you to support, as you are able, our further engagement with ‘empowering the vulnerable children’.

*Product values are given to add perspective to what your donations could buy, but the money may be used for other school block expenses. If we receive more donations than are needed to fund the school block then the remaining donations will go to empowering the children of FFCS in whatever way is deemed most important at the time.


raised towards 50,000.00 target

 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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Jul 17, 2021

Sarah Jenks

(plus 500.00 giftaid)

Jun 25, 2021


A great effort for a great cause

(plus 125.00 giftaid)

Jun 01, 2021


Good luck - hope you have good weather for this t!

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Mar 20, 2021


In loving memory of Dharmendra Unalkat

(plus 50.00 giftaid)

Mar 18, 2021

Lisa Greenspan

(plus 2.50 giftaid)

Mar 17, 2021



Mar 16, 2021


Congratulations on this beautiful project Emma! I'm really looking forward to the Saturday art class! Love Catherine xo


Mar 15, 2021


Donation in honour of Dani's Yin class - a great lesson and a great cause!

(plus 2.50 giftaid)

Mar 15, 2021


(plus 1.25 giftaid)

Mar 15, 2021

Margarita Courtenay

(plus 2.50 giftaid)


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Total plus Gift Aid 16,518.55

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