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Coventry Cathedral
Coventry Cathedral
CCN Pilgrimage

CCN Pilgrimage

Why we need your help

Our pilgrimages are open to anyone from organisations (and individuals) interested in Coventry Cathedral’s story and how its power and influence might inspire or inform reconciliation in communities further afield, whatever the context.

We aim them specifically at organisations and individuals wanting to join the network, or already in the process of application or who have recently joined, and as such the chance to mix with others and hear their stories is also very powerful.

But, space permitting, we are very happy to include others too. Your donation is very gratefully received, and covers the costs of putting on the pilgrimage, with a little left over to subsidise access to those who may otherwise feel themselves unable to attend.

Suggested donations are currently £50 for online attendance and £175 for those attending in person. We also very much welcome general donations to support our work. Thank you.

 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

How you can support us

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