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Grevy's Zebra Trust

Grevy's Zebra Trust

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Grevy's Zebra

Who are the Grevy’s Zebra Trust?

The Grevy's Zebra Trust (GZT) was established in January 2007 to address the urgent need to conserve Grevy's zebra in the community rangelands of Kenya and Ethiopia. GZT are an independent wildlife conservation Trust registered in Kenya and the only organisation 100% dedicated towards saving the endangered Grevy’s Zebra. 

Prospero World was delighted to formally adopt the Grevy’s Zebra Trust in September 2020.

What are Grevy’s Zebra?

Grevy’s zebra are one of three species of zebra, (the others being Plains or Common Zebra and Mountain Zebra) and are considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Today, the wild population of Grevy’s zebra is estimated to be less than 2,000. Their largest threats come from loss of habitat, competition with livestock, and poaching. They have disappeared from most of their former habitats and are now only found in dry deserts and open grasslands in northern Kenya and southeastern Ethiopia.

Named after former President of France, Jules Grévy, after being gifted a zebra by Emperor of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), Menelik II, in 1882, Grevy’s zebra are the largest of all wild equine species at around 450kg. They can be distinguished from other zebra by the following features:

What do GZT do?

Recognising that the survival of the Grevy’s zebra depends on its ability to coexist with people living in northern Kenya, GZT believes these communities must be at the centre of designing and driving conservation efforts. GZT works in partnership with communities from long-term monitoring Grevy’s zebra as citizen scientists, to co-designing site-specific and tailored solutions to threats facing the species. In all of its work, GZT seeks ways to use data and information to inform decisions and solutions for positive conservation outcomes. 
The primary goals of GZT are: 

  1. Community rangelands management: to ensure resilient and effectively managed rangelands support communities, their livestock and wildlife across northern Kenya. 
  2. Grevy’s zebra monitoring and management: to actively measure the health of Grevy’s zebra populations through monitoring, and support their survival through targeted veterinary and supplementary feeding and water management interventions. 
  3. Low impact infrastructure development: to mitigate negative impacts on Grevy’s zebra populations from infrastructure development in northern Kenya. 
GZT’s flagship Grevy’s Zebra Scout Program has been operating in northern Kenya since 2003 and employs 29 Grevy’s Zebra Scouts from seven different communities to monitor Grevy’s zebra and foster positive attitudes towards the species.

The Grevy’s Zebra Trust has an exceptionally committed team who work tirelessly to further the goals of Grevy’s zebra conservation. The field team is based in Samburu 100% of the time, while accounts and administration are done from the Nairobi office. Under the supervision and leadership of the field team is a dedicated team of women and men employed from local communities in the capacity of Grevy’s Zebra ScoutsAmbassadors and Warriors.


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