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Mission Without Borders
Mission Without Borders
Saving the Sarny Vocational Institute

Saving the Sarny Vocational Institute

Why we need your help

For over 15 years MWB has run the Sarny Vocational Institute in Ukraine. The school provides a free education for young people living in poverty who would otherwise receive limited schooling, and therefore few skills for future employment. The Sarny Institute enables students to earn state-certified certificates in a variety of vocational areas. With this certificate, vulnerable children are able to develop the skills they need to secure good jobs, restore hope in their lives and enjoy a financially stable future.

However due to the country’s conflict with Russia, the subsequent humanitarian crisis and spiralling inflation, the Institute is faced with an uncertain future. The costs of running Sarny have snowballed – utility bills alone are being increased a staggering 6 times this Autumn. If these costs cannot be met, the school will have to close. This would be a huge disaster. 

We need to make sure that the Sarny Institute remains up and running for vulnerable children in the community. But there is no money in the budget to do that.

Your gift can help a child build a bright future

We are asking for £10,000 which will allow us to cope with ever-increasing costs of running Sarny and secure its future. This won’t just affect current students, but also future students; providing hope and opportunity to thousands more children for years to come.

The Sarny Institute is also a source of essential support to the wider community, with special services such as dental healthcare and soup kitchens for vulnerable older people available. The Institute is such a vital resource for the community and it is essential that it remains open.

If we are fortunate enough to raise more money than required, the funds will be used to support our other important projects for vulnerable children, families and communities in Eastern Europe.

Changing lives

Over the years, several thousand students have earned certificates and gone on to lead lives filled with hope and stability. Despair, suicide, hunger, homelessness and many other terrible realities are no longer a part of their daily lives. Sarny provides children with a lifeline. But if we have to close Sarny, then all those children waiting for their chance to have a bright future will no longer have that chance. They will become trapped in a cycle of poverty that has cruelly trapped previous generations of their family.

Mission Without Borders has been helping the poorest people in Eastern Europe for over 55 years. We sponsor 30,000 children and families, provide assistance to over 150,000 older people and offer a wide range of programs designed to help impoverished people to become self-sufficient. Over 94 pence of every pound we receive goes directly towards our programme work with vulnerable people.

By offering your support, you are making a life changing future possible for a young person.

Giving more than just hope

The Sarny Institute is not just a school. It's the path to a secure future for children who live in poverty and despair. The children who attend Sarny live in deprivation. Their living conditions are very poor, as most homes lack running water, beds, electricity and warmth. Many suffer constant hunger as their parents struggle to put food on the table. The skills developed at the Sarny Institute enable children to overcome the barriers imposed on them by poverty.

Mission Without Borders has been helping students graduate from the Sarny Institute for fifteen years. We have helped thousands of young people to build a life free from poverty and despair. A life filled with hope, prosperity, dignity and self-sufficiency. We just can’t afford to let these children down.

Can we do this?

Recently there was a state certification of the courses we teach, which our institution has to undergo every ten years according to Ukrainian legislation. As part of the process the students had to defend their final diploma projects before the certifying board. Testifying to the quality of the education provided by the Sarny Institute, 100% of our students were successful. As a result, our school renewed its state certification. This means that the Sarny Vocational Institute is approved to continue its work. Our future students will also be able to acquire a state-approved diploma that gives them the skills needed for quality, well-paying jobs. 

We have the staff, the expertise, the building, the facilities, the knowledge and the determination to support vulnerable young people. Join us in making sure their future still has promise and hope.

Other ways you can help

Can we please ask that you help us get our campaign out to as many people as possible? 

Send emails to all your contacts with a link to this page, tell your family, friends, church group, work colleagues and neighbours about us. Talk about us on Facebook, Twitter, your blogs and any other social media platform you use. Feel free to use Virgin Money Giving’s share tools located on this page.

Thank you for supporting our campaign to save the Sarny Institute and the future of many future students. 


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