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An interdisciplinary collaborative of researchers has come together to solve the mystery of Kawasaki disease. This unique team, led by Professor Jane C. Burns, MD ( Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego USA )  and  Professor Michael Levin (Imperial College London)  have combined the research expertise  of two world leading research groups  with long term commitment to research  on Kawasaki disease.

Their vision: a future free of this debilitating childhood illness.

Through a collaborative program of work they aim to:

  • Discover the cause of Kawasaki disease by identifying the environmental factor(s) or infectious agent that triggers the disease

  • Develop a diagnostic test that can be used worldwide to enable earlier diagnosis and treatment. They already have exciting pilot data that a diagnostic test is possible.

  • Understand the Genetic basis of Kawasaki disease - to explain why some families are affected, and why only some patients develop Coronary artery aneurysms.

  • Develop new treatments to protect the heart through clinical trials

The most common cause of acquired heart disease in children, Kawasaki disease causes inflammation of the coronary arteries. Left untreated, the disease leads to the formation of aneurysms (ballooning of the arterial wall) in 25 percent of affected children. Major complications include blood clot formation, which can result in heart attacks, poor heart muscle function, and death.

The Opportunity

Efforts to advance Kawasaki Disease research will now go twice as far thanks to the Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation. The Macklin Foundation has given The Kawasaki research collaboration between Rady Children’s Hospital and Imperial College London an incredible opportunity to rapidly advance Kawasaki Disease research by matching gifts dollar for dollar up to $2.5 million!

Any funds raised in the UK for the Kawasaki Disease research program at Imperial College will be matched by an equal donation for the USA collaborating team at Rady Children’s hospital.

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Osian's Kawasaki Ninjas

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Rishi and Selina


For the fantastic support, help and guidance this research has given our family.



Daniel and Rachel


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We have left a donation as a gift for our friend's child's christening who was diagnosed with the disease - the charity was a great support whilst he was poorly and hope that this helps towards their good work!

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