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National Numeracy
National Numeracy
National Numeracy Day 2021

National Numeracy Day 2021

Why we need your help

National Numeracy Day is the UK’s only annual day dedicated to everyday maths!

On Wednesday 19 May 2021, the charity National Numeracy will help children and adults feel confident about numbers at home, work and school. And it’s more important than ever this year as the nation recovers from Covid.

There will be a host of free online events, videos and resources including inspirational stories and practical advice from real-life learners and celebrities including Rachel Riley, Martin Lewis, Bobby Seagull, Katja Jones, Peter Sawkins, Harry Baker and more!

From helping us get on at work to supporting children or making our money go further, brushing up on our number confidence and skills can help.

National Numeracy Day raises awareness of the importance of numbers in everyday life and empowers people to improve with the free and easy-to-use National Numeracy Challenge, a website for improving your everyday maths.

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