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Battersea Bikes Fundraiser

Battersea Bikes Fundraiser

Why we need your help

Help us keep our young people cycling, learning and developing!

Battersea Bikes was created in 2019 by young people, for young people. It is one of the activities on offer at Carney’s Community, a charity based in Battersea which aims to support disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to be be the best they can be, through intensive mentoring support and by offering free positive and constructive activities such as boxing and bike sessions and a youth club.

Check out this video of one of our early sessions. 

This project gives young people the experience of participating in a functioning, workplace-like environment through weekly workshop sessions where young people are supported by a highly experienced bike mechanic to service, repair and clean bikes brought in by members of the public. It offers bike mechanic courses in the school holidays and bike riding trips out of the city. It also allows young people to earn or sell on donated bikes to the project.

The main aims of Battersea Bikes are:

1. To create opportunities for disadvantaged young people who lack the financial means to afford a bike, to earn a bike. Through consistent attendance and a positive attitude at bike workshop sessions, young people can earn a bike and keep it, giving them access to cycling and increased independence. 

 2. To equip young people with the skills and knowledge to maintain their bike once it has been earned and support other riders in the community to stay active and cycling.

3. To give young people eye opening experiences out of the city - bike riding trips in the school holidays increase cycle confidence and gives disadvantaged young people opportunities to cycle in different environments - for example we have previously run day trips doing mountain biking in Swinley Forest near Bracknell.

4. To develop the practical, social and communication skills of the young people in a workplace environment. Through teamwork at the sessions, young people become more sociable and less isolated, it gives them a positive and constructive activity to participate in and we have observed huge improvements in the confidence of the young bike mechanics and how they are able to speak with visiting members of the public. 

One young person who currently accesses Battersea Bikes described the impact on them by saying:

"It's helped me with my communication skills, it's taught me about bikes and helped me learn about my passion which is to fix bikes" and "cycling is fun and a good way to release my negative energy, it helps me feel calm so I'm glad I could get a bike from the workshop".

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