Giving Tuesday 2017

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RISE works to raise the aspirations of disadvantaged young people in the UK and rural India. Our innovative model enables students in both of these countries to connect and communicate - a life changing experience that is broadening the horizons of young people and inspiring them to aim higher. This Giving Tuesday please dig deep and make a donation to on to see what your donations would support.

In West Bengal, India, where 46% of 10-year-olds are at least 3 years behind their expected reading level, we run a literacy intervention programme, Yearn to Learn, free of cost to children most at risk of dropping out of school. We work with some of the poorest children, like Sampa Sardar in the video. As a first generation learner, education was not a priority for Sampa. However RISE has been successful in encouraging Sampa to continue her studies and now she is a regular student of Yearn to Learn. By donating just £10, you can help educate a child like Sampa for 1 month through our Yearn to Learn programme.

In the UK, where we are facing a skills crisis, we have devised a programme that empowers secondary school students by exposing them to an experience of setting up their own social enterprise. The ROAR (Reach Out And Rise) Challenge, does this by developing key skills for employability and actively builds students’ understanding of the social sector and business world. The ROAR Challenge has run in schools across London and been commended by Headteachers for the positive impact it has building keys skills in a unique way – connecting young people in the UK and rural India through a tangible student partnership. £75 would enable one child in the UK to be part of our 6 month ROAR Challenge programme.

If you would prefer to make a donation directly to RISE or would like to know more about the impact of your donation please email

Thank you for supporting RISE.


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£10.00  1 child for 1 month on Yearn to Learn

£40.00  2 children for 2 months on Yearn to Learn

£75.00  1 child on The ROAR Challenge

£120.00  1 child for 1 year on Yearn to Learn

£225.00  3 children on The ROAR Challenge

£1500.00  Sponsor a ROAR Challenge class