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Alex's Wish
Alex's Wish
End to End in 24 hours

End to End in 24 hours

Why we need your help

When the London Marathon starts, another endurance event will have begun

On October the 3rd at 3:30am, when most people will be asleep, I'll be in John O' Groats.

And it won't be for sightseeing.

I’ll be setting off on a gruelling solo ride to Land's End. That's around 900 miles, down the entire length of the UK.

However, there’s going to be a twist. This journey is normally done within 24 hours.

But whereas before we were on a quest to meet the midnight sun…

…this time, I’ll be riding hard to beat the sun before it sets!

Yes, that’s right. I’ll be aiming to arrive at Land’s End before sunset.

I won't be breaking any laws, either. At all times, I'll be riding appropriately and within the UK speed limit.

Completing this challenge isn’t about speed. Success will be all about mind-bending levels of endurance.

Welcome to insanity

It's quite a task…and one tough enough to be certified by the Iron Butt association.

But who is Iron Butt?

Their motto is 'Welcome to Insanity.' Which probably tells you all you need to know.

But in simple words, Iron Butt are a global motorcycle organisation. They have a passion for pushing the boundaries. And they certify the world's toughest motorcycle rides.

The reason why

Once again, I'll be raising awareness and vital funds for our friends at Alex’s Wish.

Named after Alex - the founders’ son - it’s a charity dedicated to finding a cure for a rare type of muscular dystrophy. Named Duchenne, it’s a life-limiting muscle wasting condition that mainly affects boys.

At best, Duchenne reduces the life expectancy of sufferers to their mid-twenties. And there's no cure.

But scientists believe they are close to finding one. So close, in fact, they think this current generation could be the first to survive. Or the last to die.

Which is why further research into Duchenne is so vital.

Alex’s Wish aims to fund the cost of some of this global research. To ensure boys like Alex all over the world live a life with no limits.

The effects of lockdown have reduced their opportunity to raise funds. And that is why this mission is so important.

The UK presents a unique challenge

900 miles over ~16.5 hours. With around 5 fifteen-minute stops breaking it all up.

Of course, on a rainy island like ours, fine weather in October isn't likely. So, the ride will take a huge amount of discipline and focus.

Riding a bike is an intensely physical activity. There's the constant wind blast, plus the fact you’re in the same position for hours at a time.

Distracting aches and pains can creep in. Which is why I’m working on my fitness, flexibility and taking real care with my nutrition.

So, that means coffee and sugary snacks are out. I’ll need to keep hydrated and ensure I eat healthily in the build-up.

I've also been preparing with yoga, rebounding, and doing Joe Wicks' HIT routine.

All this will help me focus on my intense race against the clock.

I'll also need to limit the amount of stops for refuelling the bike and myself to fifteen minutes.

Each stop will be quite a rush, too. I'll need to refuel, eat, drink, take a nature break, record a live video...then stretch and GO!!

Safety is also on my mind. From wildlife in the road in the Scottish highlands, to unseen gravel on a bend or a diesel spill on a roundabout.

None of this would be a problem in a car. But on a bike, how I react is critical.

The time to get involved is now

Sounds insane enough?

Well, you can follow my progress over all our social media channels.

All links are on the website.

So, you can like, follow, and share details of the journey.

But most importantly, there's loads of opportunities for you to donate.

Every donation will encourage me along the road ahead.

And it will help us smash our fundraising goal, for a truly worthy cause!

Things are getting busy, and I can't wait to get started.

Thanks for reading this far and thanks to everyone who has already supported us.

We've been backed by some amazing individuals, sponsors, and friends who’ve believed in us so far. You guys are truly incredible.

In the meantime, let’s smash this new goal. Until we can ride again to the arctic.



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Sep 15, 2021

Jay Webb

Go Stan Go.... Routing for you all the way

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