The EDKPA have a draw which means that you can help fundraising while having a chance to win a prize each month!

Entries are £12 for one year and the current prizes are:

   First Prize        : £25

   Second Prize   : £15

   Third Prize       : £10

If you would like more entries, you can pay any multiples of £12 and maybe pay for an entry for a friend too!

We are hoping these will increase as more people enter the draw.

The draw takes place on the second Saturday of each month, and you will be informed of any winnings via email. The results are also published in our newsletter available here.

Thank you for your support.

Danny O'Sullivan

Draw organiser and EDKPA Committee member

You can find more detail of the draw on our EDKPA website here.

Select the amount you wish to give

£12.00  One entrye each month for a year

£24.00  Two entries each month for a year