The Adoley Centre Building Project

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The Adoley Appeal is aiming to raise £15,000 to pay for the completion of the Adoley Centre. 

With over £55,000 raised so far, we are keen to finish this project and see the Adoley Centre become operational.

Based in Amasaman on the outskirts of Accra in Ghana, the Adoley Centre is a place where families and those with disabilities receive initial support and help. The Centre will focus on offering maternity services, a family health clinic, training in life skills and employment support, as well as other family support services.

Ways to give

There are four ways that individuals, families or local churches can be involved:


  • Option 1: Organise a fundraising event
  • Option 2: Make a donation to the Christmas Appeal
  • Option 3: Sponsor a door at The Adoley Centre for £75. 
  • Option 4: Sponsor a specific room - the room can be named by you.


Everyone who has or does donate to the Adoley Christmas Appeal will have their name added to a wall collage.

Sponsor a room

For those interested in sponsoring a room, the following rooms are available:

£1,500   Clinic


£1,500   Consultancy/Office


£1,500   Creche/Kindergarten


£400      Storeroom


£2,350   Kitchen


Donation received  Lounge - Chepstow Room


£750   Emergency accommodation 


£750   Volunteer accommodation


£750   Respite accommodation


£225      WC 1


£225    WC2


£250      Shower room 1


£250      Shower room 2


£350      WC and Shower room 1


£350      WC and Shower room 2


£350      WC and Shower room 3


£1,000   Live in Manager and F4L National Director accomodation


£1,000   Hallway


£1,500   Grounds

For more information about the Adoley Centre visit or email

Thank you 

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£20.00  Give £20

£50.00  Give £50

£100.00  Give £100

Sharon Lanfear

Total raised:
£450.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Sharon Lanfear

Total raised:
£1175.00 (excl Gift Aid)


Total donations: £3,037.00



Hello. There has been a donation of 3000 just now. I would like this to go to the building of the perimeter /or boundary wall. So the centre can open!!!







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