Pieces Of 8


There appears to be no limit to the number of dogs who deserve our help to save their lives and find their forever homes, but the commitments we make are limited by our regular income.

When we're unable to place a dog in a foster home until they find their forever family, we accommodate them in one of our partner kennels, who support us by giving us a special rate.

On average, this costs us £8 per dog per night. When there's a deadline on a dog's life, we consider it a small price to pay. 

Avast, me big-hearted hearties!

Please support our Pieces of £ight campaign by making a donation. Just £8 will have a real impact on what we can achieve by guaranteeing a night in a kennel.

If you have any buried treasure (down the back of the sofa?) or spare doubloons you could donate, our dogs would be as Jolly as Roger to receive that too!

We appreciate all donations, but if you are able to commit to a regular donation we can pass on that commitment to our dogs and plan for their future. You can set that up via our Charity page.

Select the amount you wish to give

£8.00  A night in safety

£56.00  A week of hope

£112.00  A fortnight, a future

£240.00  Continuous care

Ros Clark

Total raised:
£501.20 (excl Gift Aid)


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