Pratigya Children's Shelter Expansion

Like many Dalit girls in the southern Indian state of Telangana, Ashwini* lives in extreme poverty. She has no father.

Her mother is a ‘Jogini’, dedicated to serve a goddess when she was a young girl, but now used for sex by any man in the village.

Ashwini’s destiny will be to follow in her mother’s footsteps.


Pratigya children’s shelter provides a safe place for girls like Ashwini to grow up in a loving, caring environment. They have access to healthcare, counselling and quality education. Meals are designed to provide the nutrition they need. All the girls have regular contact with their mothers.

Currently the shelter has beds for 40 girls. We want to expand this in a new facility to provide residential accommodation for another 60 girls, plus 50 short-term beds for at-risk women and girls from vulnerable situations.

With your help, we can.

Help us save Ashwini - and many more like her - from a lifetime of abuse and exploitation in ritual sex slavery by donating to our shelter expansion appeal.

Help us give them the opportunity to fulfil their hopes and aspirations.

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Every blessing all in all you are doing




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A wonderful DFN dinner in Stafford, so here's a gift towards the shelter